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Grandmas' recipe boxThis morning I was up with the baby at 3:30. She just needed a quick back rub and went back to sleep. Drama-less. Thankfully.

Since my alarm was set for 4:00 anyway, I ended up staying up. I tried to lay back down, but what’s the point?

So I decided to try to make my grocery list for today. I have to buy all of our Christmas food. I needed the recipe for “fart blossoms” (peanut butter cookies with Hershey Kisses on top). I opened my grandmothers little black recipe box to see if it was in there.

I sorted through the white recipe cards with the potted flower graphic running along the top. These were newer recipes, likely taken from Taste of Home or Redbook. Vegetable and Sausage Chili. Santa Fe Chicken Pasta.

White cards with a large butterfly on the left side, taking up a good quarter of the card. These are slightly older. Fruit Cocktail Cake. Deviled Hamburgers.

I squinted to read recipes written on bright pink recipe cards, where drops of water and sauces helped to fade the old ink and pencil. Sugar Cookies. Cornell Barbeque Sauce. Beef Stroganoff.

There were clippings, new and old. Randomly placed alphabetical dividers.

There were a surprising amount of recipes written in my mother’s handwriting. Her young handwriting – small, undefined, relaxed. Beef Stew Provencal. Tantalizing Baked Beans. Some recipes were written by my aunt Molly, with that same young, undefined, happy stroke. Wholegrain Jam Squares. Curried Chicken.

All of the recipes give credit to where they came from. Mimi’s Cheesecake. Irish Cream from Judy. Asparagus Casserole from Mary Lou, which calls for the crumbs of exactly 18 crackers! I love that casserole, I will have to make it for Ben – he loves asparagus.

I never did find the Fart Blossom recipe in that box, but I did find it written on an envelope in my recipe folder. So off to the store I go to gather ingredients. I just might have to make something from that box for dinner tonight.

I would love to know – do you have any family dishes you love to cook?

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  1. says

    LOL “fart blossom”, now you got me curious. And ouch at having to get up at 4am. ON PURPOSE!

    My friend Susan gave me her recipe for Chicken Divan which I promptly renamed Chicken Divine. I love the dish but I love the story behind it more: For the first Xmas I hosted for my family as a grown up/homemaker, Sue explained and demonstrated the recipe to me like I was a 5 year old. I will never forget her offer to drive to my house on Xmas day to help me make it when she sensed that I was anxious (she lived about 40 min away and was hosting her own Xmas party the same day). This is the recipe that I will be passing down to my daughter, mine, original, with story attached, not a hand-me down. That makes it super special to me.

    Chicken Divine: Broccoli, chicken breast, cream of mushroom /mayonnaise/curry powder/lemon juice, cheddar cheese.

    • Laine says

      Chicken Divine sounds amazing! Sounds like you have a Divine Friend, too!
      And yes, 4:00 am to work and brainstorm or write. It’s the ONLY quiet I get all day! I cherish it.

  2. says

    I have a little clutch of recipes written hastily on envelopes and receipts and napkins. That’s so dangerous! I’m afraid one day Lex will get into a cleaning frenzy and toss them without realizing what they are and then I’ll only have myself to blame.

    BTW, thank you for the comments on my blog this morning. You are absolutely right! I hadn’t gotten any you’d left *sad face*. And posting anonymously is just fine (especially when you sign your name at the end so I can come by here and say thank you!).

    • Laine says

      OMG, Jane, I have the same envelopes and napkins! In fact, the Fart Blossom recipe was written on an old envelope. Luckily Kirk knows better than to touch anything. I have a habit of compulsive list making/random note taking, so nothing is safe to throw away!
      Well, I’m glad you got the comments finally! I will have to keep posting anonymously. I wish I had realized sooner that the internet was eating my comments. Thanks for commenting here anyway – you must have thought I was a huge AZZ!

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