The Versatile Blogger Birthday Dinner Party!

I have literally been writing this post since the beginning of January, when I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by MJ Monaghan. Link There are rules to awarding the Versatile Blogger award, but I’m going to break them. I really wanted to tie in a “who would you have for a party” kind {… Continue Reading …}

Stream of consciousness Sunday – writing in the bathroom

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I’m sitting in the bathroom writing this. I wonder if they are worried about me. Must be not or else they would be knocking. No, actually they would be barging in. I’m so easily distracted these days. Maybe I’m on media overload. But I kinda have to be. You can’t be a graphic/web designer/blogger/podcaster/master social {… Continue Reading …}

I’m not that kind of blogger

Today’s NaBloPoMo prompt is: Has anything traumatic ever happened to you? Describe the scenes surrounding a particular event. I’ve been kicking it around all morning. I mean, I usually post really early and it is now almost noon and I’m just about done. I just could not decide what to write. Do I go with {… Continue Reading …}

Writing lists and writing-writing: how I get through life

The other day, as I was feverishly plotting and planning out my week and writing in my planner, my husband was all like, “you spend a lot of time writing in that planner. Don’t you think you would have more time if you used a computer-based program to list all your to-do’s?” Maybe. But to {… Continue Reading …}

What writing means to me

I am not a writer, but I do write. When I was a teenager I used to write angsty poems about boys. I also wrote said boys intense love letters that I would never send. I wrote in journals at this point. Journals I still have. Journals I hide. I still feel embarrassed to let {… Continue Reading …}

Why you need to save your soul on your desktop – probably every couple of minutes

I lost a blog post. Like, my first significant blog post. Gone. Forever. Deleted when I broke my blog (I still don’t know how that happened), and not saved to my hard drive, for some mysterious reason. I can remember some of the words, some of the hilarity, some of the pain. It goes something {… Continue Reading …}