The Return of Crazy Eyeris: What’s on Your Playlist?

Photo credit: Skate of Emergency by Gomisan on Flickr

I bet you thought I forgot about Crazy Eyeris, right? Or maybe YOU forgot about Crazy Eyeris I have not written about my journey to derby since March 8, 2012. Yes, I feel a little like a loser. It seems that life was getting in the way of… well… life! Turns out building a business, {… Continue Reading …}

In Pursuit of Crazy Eyeris: Week 1

Whoo hoo! The first installment of the weekly series In Pursuit of Crazy Eyeris! I’m so excited! Things are moving along SO FREAKING FAST! When I decided to do this Derby thing, I thought I would get through the winter and then watch a lot of Derby in the summer, and then after the season {… Continue Reading …}