My passion project: Reclaiming my power so I can be here for everyone else

passion and success quote from Walter Cronkite by Elaine Griffin Designs

The NaBloPoMo prompt for today is: Are you pursuing a passion project? It is funny that this prompt comes today. Since last week I have been mulling over a blog post about how women set personal and professional goals and prioritize life so they can be better to themselves, their children, spouses, and what have {… Continue Reading …}

Balancing work, children, and a relationship is impossible


There, I said it. It is nearly impossible to do all of this, and this balancing act is my number one stresser, right after money. Money, which is why I have to work, and why I have to balance all of this. My attempt at balancing goes something like this. I get up to work {… Continue Reading …}