Making Time to Make Time

Making Time to Make Time

It’s been a whole two months since I last posted on this blog. Where has the time gone? What even happened? I honestly have no idea. Too much work, too little play? Perhaps. I don’t know, I just haven’t been feeling it. Whatever it is. My creativity maybe? It’s affecting my work, and my whole {… Continue Reading …}

Keep Your Sanity while Working at Home with Kids

home office and dining room

When I started working from home when it was out of necessity. Money was tight and I was pregnant. Our son was starting part-time pre-school and we needed the funds to pay for it. Getting a job out of the home, aside from nights and weekends, was not an option, as we had one car {… Continue Reading …}

Who’s having a pity party? This girl!!!

woman screaming by Bibliothèque de Toulouse on Flickr

This morning I’m having one of those mom-fail, pity party mornings. So, I never get a chance to sleep in. I’m either up starting my work day at around 4:00 am, and/or I’m the one who gets up with the kids when they get up at the azz-crack of dawn any given day of the {… Continue Reading …}



Working at home with my 18-month old daughter is like simultaneously strategizing World War III and being a storm chaser, chasing an F5 tornado. I can hardly keep up with her let alone anticipate her next move. She plots and plans. She has the reach of a grown man. She climbs and falls. She throws {… Continue Reading …}

Balancing work, children, and a relationship is impossible


There, I said it. It is nearly impossible to do all of this, and this balancing act is my number one stresser, right after money. Money, which is why I have to work, and why I have to balance all of this. My attempt at balancing goes something like this. I get up to work {… Continue Reading …}

Another neglectful Wednesday, 9/28/11


  So, I’m working along while the baby is playing where I can’t see her. What? That’s not okay? Let me be honest. I was gossiping with Kate on the phone. One thing I love about babies this age is they tell on themselves. So out she comes and she say’s, “aahhh!!” Which means, “I {… Continue Reading …}

Being realistic when you are a planning over-achiever with big, sweet dreams


The planning Here it is for the world to read. I will say it out loud as I type, to carry the point to my poor little psyche. My name is Elaine Griffin and I am an organized disaster. A hot mess in an old dress. Which is actually a nightgown I have had has {… Continue Reading …}