Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter

Even though we technically still have several more weeks of autumn, Halloween and the end of October mark the end of autumn, and the beginning of winter for me. Maybe it’s because here in the Northeast snow can come as early as Halloween night. We did not get that snow this year, but we did get rain. It’s still raining, in fact, and there is talk of snow on the way. The leaves are all gone, and it is dark and grey, so snow would be a welcome bright shininess around here.

In honor of my personal end to autumn, here are some of my favorite shots from the season.

Fall Instagram/PicMonkey Images from The Laine List

When does winter start for you?

The Armpit of Winter

Winter in the riverbottom at Lethbridge

I not so lovingly refer to February as the armpit of winter.

I don’t know why I call it this. I guess it’s because  once in a while it seems all warm and fresh and then all of a sudden it’s unkempt – cold and smelly.  I know, it doesn’t really make a lot of sense. But maybe if you live
somewhere cold and dreary eight months out of the year it does.

This year February in Upstate NY has been unusual, as it has in the rest of the country.  Even though we’ve dealt with mud all winter (I’ve stopped caring about mopping our floors) I’m grateful for the warmer weather and lack of snow. I don’t like the snow – I hate driving in it, and I don’t play
winter sports.

But I do like a good storm.  A whollop, holy shit we have to get to the store for junk food and liquor, let’s plan on sledding and playing games for two days kind of storm. We haven’t had that, and I miss it this year.
I feel for the kids, too. The fun of winter has been zapped. It’s a bust.

It’s starting to storm now. I think we are supposed to get 1-3 inches and then a wintery mix. Most winters that is nothing. No cause for alarm or concern. But this year everyone talks about every flake of snow as if it’s about to be Armageddon.

We have a winter storm alert and everything! Maybe we’ll get more than expected. Maybe we’ll get ice!!! Oooh, a power outage would be EPIC!
Tomorrow is my birthday. Every year my mother tells me the story of the huge snow and ice storm that began the night she went into labor with me. When she went to the hospital in the morning the roads were so bad
she was more afraid of the seven mile drive than of giving birth. In like a lion, I was. So I’m always particularly excited when the universe honors my birth with a storm.

And now it is almost March 1st. Goodbye February, you cold, stinky armpit, you will not be missed!

Are you ready for spring, or do you enjoy winter?