The Versatile Blogger Birthday Dinner Party!

Versatile Blogger Award

I have literally been writing this post since the beginning of January, when I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by MJ Monaghan. Link There are rules to awarding the Versatile Blogger award, but I’m going to break them. I really wanted to tie in a “who would you have for a party” kind of post with the Versatile Blogger post. These are hard decisions, and that coupled with the fact that I am constantly finding new blogs to read is why this has taken me so long. But, now that we are two weeks away from my birthday, I think I’ve finally got it covered.

Here are some of my favorites, in no particular order. Maybe someday if I’m awarded another blogging award, I will be able to bring you more!

Beth from 5 Kids is a Lot of Kids:

She totally gets kids, and when she complains about them, if you can even call it that it is totally eandearing and/or funny. She truly loves her kids. But I’m sorry Beth, this is an adult party. I’m sure you need a break, which is why I want you to come and chillax! And you will have no guilt!

Michelle from Buttered Toast Rocks:

Michelle is totally awesome. She loves her life and her family and you can tell. She has the sweetest stories to tell about her high school sweetheart, who happens to be her husband. Michelle, I would love for you to join the party and share with us your secrets to a successful love and marriage!

Robin from Sunbonnet Smart, on BlogHer:

Robin is kickin’ it Old Skool by living simply and eating locally and organically. But you know that Old Skool is the New Skool, and she has a lot to offer those of us wanting to adapt this lifestyle. Oh, and she can weave a story like nobody’s business. LINK Robin we have a lot of strange and wonderful connections, so be there or be square!

KarenLynn on BlogHer:

Karen straight up writes about her life. She is honest and strong, and thankful for her beautiful family – husband, kids, and most especially her grandkids. LINK Her writing is easy to read because it’s like having a conversation with her. Which is why, Karen, I want you at this party, so we can chat for reals! And don’t forget your camera!

Melissa from This n That:

Melissa is wonderfully original, weird, and totally crazy. Her posts are always amazing, and she is an amazing and thoughtful person. She thinks she’s not a writer, but she totally is, and I’m doing my part in convincing her of it. Aside from hearting you, Melissa, I’m counting on you coming and protecting us from any kind of vampirezombiepocolypse that could (will) occur.

Desi from the Valentine Four:

I don’t even know how this woman does it except she is totally amazing, and possibly has super hero powers. She has kids, takes care of other kids, tutors, and is working on her Masters degree. And she is STILL able to not only put two words together, but she is also able to write well thought-out and beautiful posts on a regular basis. Desi, you have to come because I so totally admire you, pure and simple.

MJ from MJ Monaghan:

MJ awarded me with this award, but that is now why I’m nominating him. MJ’s writing is straight up funny and straight up real. He is clever and honest about life, and thankful for his readers and friends. MJ I really think you are going to be the life of the party. But please do not wear a Rod Stewart-esqe bikini.

Melanie from Is this the Middle:

Melanie is a good girl gone bad! Well, at least a little! She sees life and writes about it, which I think is amazing – I can’t say that about myself, or many people for that matter. Melanie very funny, thoughtful and thought provoking, and cares a lot about her readers. Melanie, I want you to come to my party and get a little crazy! And please wear that leather mini!

Jeanine from Rosie Dreams:

Jeanine is a really amazing human being. She claims to not be a natural with children, but you would never know. She is kind and creative, and dedicated to her family, living simply, and preserving the environment. Jeanine, I would love you at my party so I can get to know you better! Also, don’t forget your skates!

Virginia, Home Reared Chef, on BlogHer:

What can I say about Virginia? She is totally amazing. Thoughtful, gracious, and truly thankful for all the good life has given her. But that’s what happens when you are amazing and life gives you bad – you can handle it with grace, and pick up and move on. Virginia also blogs for the San Jose Food Examiner. How awesome is that!? Virginia, please come to my party! We’ll have Prime Rib, and you don’t even have to cook it!

Jane from Jane in her Infinant Wisdom:

Jane’s blog title says it all – she really is full of wisdom. She writes about her life, her friends, and her family, which are all pretty much one in the same. Jane is very funny and has a wonderful way of picking up the extraordinary in every ordinary day. Jane, I would be honored to have you at my party – we can drink lots of wine and talk about podcasting! LINK

Darcy from Belle of the Carnival:

Darcy is one tricky lady. At first she will have you convinced that she is full of purity and goodness (and she is) but she’s also pretty bad ass! Check out her posts about porn faces and stripper moves. Don’t worry, they aren’t X-rated! Darcy is thoughtful and creative, and always a truly enjoyable read. Darcy, when you come to my party, make sure to wear your leather pants!

George from Rough and Rede:

Don’t let the name fool you, George is one of the kindest gentlemen you will ever get to know. And he is so worth getting to know. He is one of the only male bloggers on BlogHer, and he fits right in. I credit that to him being a hard working family man. George understands men and women alike, and writes amazing stories about life, love, and happiness. George, join the party so the West Coast can finally meet the East Coast!

Jim from the Wordslinger:

I just met Jim recently in the Facebook group, We Blog..A Blogging Community. So I don’t know a LOT about him, as I have just started reading. What I do know is Jim is one of the only “daddy bloggers” out there. He is really reaching out and finding his place. And I’m so glad he is. He is a funny (REALLY FUNNY), insightful, and loving dad and husband. Jim, come yuck it up at my party, and don’t forget the chicken suit!

I have been honored to read these blogs and get to know these writers. So go check them out and spread the love!

Who do you want at YOUR birthday party?

The Versatile Blogger Award, a crazy day, and why are 5 year-olds so rude?

Versatile Blogger Award

Versatile Blogger Award

Yo, yo, YO! I’m happy to announce I was awarded the Versatile Blogger Award! I’m stoked to be honored with this, and I would love to thank my friend and fellow blogger MJ Monaghan for bestowing this upon me. I am going to check out the other awardees soon, as well as fulfill the blogging obligations that go along with this honor. Which I think is super fun! Please go check out his blog, and all the other blogs he nominated!

Usually I try to post earlier in the day, but I got swamped! I was going to do a wordless Wednesday post, and post my 12 goals in 12 months visual that I’ve been thinking of creating, (Thank you Nancy from Midlife Mixtape!) but I never had time to do the visual. *sigh* I was going to follow it with a discussion of my new business plan, which I think is very exciting!  Maybe next week? I am happy to say that I am finally able to think clearly and figure out how I can make marry blogging with my graphic and web design business, Elaine Griffin Designs. Part of my new business plan involves super awesome theme customization. I’m working on The Laine List and my very sorely neglected industry blog, plus a couple of other blogs in this week and next. I’m becoming an expert on the in’s and out’s and versatility of the Twenty Eleven theme from WordPress. I love this theme. So many awesome features and plug-in options! It’s versatile, adaptable, and just plain AWESOME!

Anyway, A LOT is happening business-wise, and I’m crossing my fingers that business is picking up. And if it does, it just makes me super gladder to have been laying the groundwork to maintain peace and balance in my home/office!  Maybe someday I can have only one job! Rock on!

Observation: 5 year-old’s are the meanest, rudest, most ungrateful monsters on the planet. At least mine is. I love that boy to death, but I will tell you what. I’m beyond tired of being talked back to, told no, and generally argued with. AND TODAY HE “WHATEVER” ‘ed me. RAGE!!

Today came and went so quickly. I feel like I’m on a crazy train. Do you ever feel that way?