I choose Santa


Santa image courtesty of bjmcdonald on Flickr

Do you believe?

Close your eyes for a minute, and imagine yourself on a magical Christmas morning. It could be anytime – childhood, adulthood, whatever. Now let’s say this together.

I believe.

I believe.

I believe.

Now how do you feel? Magical? Nostalgic? Warm and fuzzy in your belly? Do you – like me – want to cry from overwhelming happiness?

This feeling is why I believe, and why I want my children to believe too. There really is no other feeling like it.

Our children ask, “who is Santa?” Well, he’s jolly old Saint Nick, of course! Kris Kringle! Father Christmas! Sinterklaas! All fun, happy jolly names for a guy who brings you shit. Which is cool, but I like to wonder, WHAT is Santa?

Santa is magic.

This is a special kind of magic. It’s the magic of wonder and awe. The simple act of believing that something magical can happen. It’s the magic of giving and receiving. Thinking of others – remembering that one small thing they said in a conversation 6 months ago, and making it happen for them. Or giving to people in need. It’s the feeling of being remembered – especially by someone who is outside of your regular circle of life. A stranger who gave your kids a Christmas. Santa.

This is what I have taught my son, and what I plan to teach my daughter.

Some people think this is lying to children, or that when children find out that Santa is not “real” it is traumatizing. So they refuse to believe or teach their children about Santa’s magic. I say why? This world is so harsh. Sex, drugs, violence, poverty – why do we have to be honest about this too? I want Christmas to be magical and untainted. I want, no I NEED to believe that there is a safe-haven where we can live in our own bubble and believe in peace and harmony. And I need my children to believe in that magic too. I need them to be able to take a step back and be filled with wonder and awe. To not be hard. To be kids. And I want to join them.

So, I choose Santa. Do you?