Let’s talk Christmas food!

Christmas dinner from lejoe on FlickrMy parents are coming from home for Christmas, and I love to cook for them!

First night here – a big meal after a long day on the road – pork loin, homemade applesauce, potato pancakes, roasted root vegetables.

Pizza!! We have an annual family cookie decorating party and we order pizza. Yum!

On the lighter side – heirloom tomato bisque, grilled cheese on homemade bread and a big salad.

Christmas eve – appetizer potluck! We usually have shrimp cocktail, 7 layer dip, crudités, antipasto platter, fruit, some sort of soup/chowder/chili, cheese, crackers, and pepperoni, and cookies.

Christmas dinner – Sirloin roast with mushrooms and onions, baked potatoes, lasagna, salad, homemade rolls, roasted brussels sprouts, cheesecake.

With all this food we are sure to have leftovers!

What are your holiday plans? Do you have special visitors? Are there special foods you enjoy preparing?

I am not the adult you are looking for

who are you calling an adultThe NaBloPoMo prompt of the day is: What is the moment that you leave childhood and enter adulthood?

I have no idea.

I know I’m an adult because I have adult responsibilities that I am reasonably successful with. But I don’t *feel* like an adult. At least I don’t think so. What does adult feel like? All I know is I feel like me. And I am seventeen.

Although I don’t feel like an adult, I can identify the moment I realized I actually am an adult with no turning back since it was fairly recently. It was not in the deeper moments you might expect. It was not when I moved out of my parents house. In fact, that was probably the LEAST adult moment in my life. It was not when I graduated from college, although putting myself through school, living with my (now) husband, and working like a dog through it all made me think I was an adult. Which I got over by the time I got married, which did not make me feel like an adult. Buying a house was kinda close, but not really. It was not when I found out I was pregnant with either of my kids, or when I gave birth to those beautiful little bundles. It was not when I suddenly lost my grandmother – my best friend.

The first time I realized I was an adult and not seventeen was the first time we left a seventeen-year-old to watch our children. (Who is GREAT, by the way). Prior to that, for the most part, we had only left our children with our parents. It doesn’t get any more adult then our parents, right!? They are the REAL adults in this situation.

I mean, it’s one thing to *be* an adult and to *do* adult things. But it seems like feeling like an adult should be different. Heavy. Burdened.

So now I’m wondering, what does it mean to actually FEEL like an adult? Do I actually want to know? Tell me what you think!