Printable Planning Tools!

Personal and business all-in-one printable planning sheet from Elaine Griffin Designs

Oh my gosh you guys I totally skipped NaBloPoMo yesterday. I got so caught up in my constant quest for organization and football that it skipped my mind. BUT, the good news is I have some new printables that I’m super stoked about! And so I’m more organized today than I was yesterday. Word. If {… Continue Reading …}

And so I’m back…from outer space

super nova by the Smithsonian

When you generally blog at least every-other day, not blogging for over a week seems like a really, really long time. Remember this post? This was the last post I wrote, except for yesterdays incoherent stream of consciousness post. It was the beginning of what I call being sucked into a deep deep dark dark {… Continue Reading …}