Meal plan: week of 11/28, and I’m uninspired

meal planning

Post-Thanksgiving let down has left me uninspired. Plus, we all have some sort of various illness, and now I’m catching the cough and cold my kids have. Because that’s what happens when your kids are sick and they still want you to kiss their little boogery faces. So now that we’ve talked about boogers, let’s […]

Meal plan Monday (or Sunday)

Week of 11/14/11 Monday: Quesadillas, salad, fruit Tuesday: Poultry sausage, broccoli and cheddar fritatta, fresh French peasant bread, homemade applesauce Wednesday: Tomato and bean soup with grilled cheese Thursday: Leftover/freezer night Friday: Fried haddock, coleslaw, homemade fries Saturday: Apple, poultry sausage and chicken breast stuffing bake (I think I’m going to have to make this […]