Meal Plan Week of June 9th

Another week has come and gone.

meal plan week of June 9, Elaine Griffin, The Laine ListI absolutely cannot believe how fast the last 6 weeks or so has passed since the weather finally broke. 6 weeks in a winter like we just had felt like 6 months!

The last day of school is only 12 days away, and we are beginning to plan our #EndlessSummer plans.

I’m doing a lot of cooking this week and through the weekend to celebrate Father’s Day. Friday is the rocket launch for Cub Scouts, so I’m hoping to be treated with some take out. Mama needs a break!

Meal Plan, Week of May 9th

Meatless Monday: One Pot Pasta with Barilla Pasta Plus & Veggies

This is a variation on the recipe I found on Pinterest, via Rachel Schultz. Obviously I’m leaving out the meat. I can post my version if anyone has any interest.

Medeterranean Chicken with Sauteed Green Beans

I have made this before and it is amazing! I actually have a post written about it, but I need better pics!

California Club Pasta Salad

Another Pinterest find that I will put my own spin on. Thanks to for this one!

Scout night Grilled Cheese with Avocado, Chicken and Ceddar, served with Salad

I have actually already posted this recipe. I’m looking forward to having it again!

Friday, with any luck, will be take out night.

What are you eating this week?

Meal Plan Week of June 2nd

meal plan week of June 2, Elaine Griffin, The Laine ListI know I am not the only one who cannot believe it is June already! The weather is crazy – today may be close to 90, and by Thursday it is going to be around 70, hence my choice of a leftovers chili.

We are still working on our healthy eating habits. This week my focus is breaking the nasty nightly dessert habit we have. I have been making Greek yogurt fruit smoothies for breakfast in the morning and making a little extra to freeze into popsicles, which I am going to try to sub for ice cream!

Meal Plan Week of May 19th


Meatless Monday! Barilla Pasta Plus with Mediterranean veggies.


Rotisserie chicken with broccoli quinoa salad.


Track night – sandwiches and salad after track.


Scout night – leftovers chili with brown rice.


Buffalo chicken pizza and veggies with dip.

What are you eating this week?

Meal Plan Week of May 19th

meal plan week of May 19th, Elaine Griffin, The Laine ListHow is it almost the end of May? It seems like just yesterday we were in the armpit of winter, wondering, “will it ever end?” It’s so nice to have green grass, leaves on the trees, and fresh produce!

This past weekend I spent a good amount of time getting my meal plan together and prepping food for snacks, lunches, and dinner. I’m still trying to get us in our healthy eating zone and getting myself organized so I don’t feel overwhelmed at dinner time. Also, we have sports and scouts twice a week now, so we need to be eating early on those nights. A lot of what we are having are leftovers or variations on things I’ve already prepared. I can’t tell you how much prepping and having a plan helps.

Meal Plan Week of May 19th


Meatless Monday! Barilla Pasta Plus with homemade garden veggie sauce and salad.


Pesto marinated chicken, corn on the cob, watermelon and feta salad.


Track night – leftovers! Ben should eat when he comes home from school so he doesn’t get crampy and then he can have a snack after track and before bed.


Scout night – sandwiches! Along with that we will have fruit, cut up veggies, and homemade ranch dip.


Grilled flatbread pizza and sald. I’ll put out the toppings and make the flatbread and everyone can choose what they want!
I’ve begun writing up some of the recipes from my meal plans the last couple of weeks. Keep your eyes open because I will be posting them in the next couple of weeks!

What are you eating this week?

Meal plan: week of 11/28, and I’m uninspired

meal planning

I wish I was as organized and inspired as LizMarie_AK on Flickr

Post-Thanksgiving let down has left me uninspired. Plus, we all have some sort of various illness, and now I’m catching the cough and cold my kids have. Because that’s what happens when your kids are sick and they still want you to kiss their little boogery faces. So now that we’ve talked about boogers, let’s talk food!

Monday: Turkey and vegetable soup, leftover super-delicious crack rolls

Tuesday: Pasta with pesto and salad

Wednesday: Lightened up chicken enchilladas

Thursday: Pulling from the freezer – beef stew

Friday: Not sure. Daddy is out with friends and so I’ll probably go with a crowd favorite like Kraft mac and cheese and hot dogs. Processed food Friday! With a salad for me.

What are you all having? Are you feeling uninspired post-Thanksgiving?

Meal plan Monday (or Sunday)

Week of 11/14/11

Monday: Quesadillas, salad, fruit

Tuesday: Poultry sausage, broccoli and cheddar fritatta, fresh French peasant bread, homemade applesauce

Wednesday: Tomato and bean soup with grilled cheese

Thursday: Leftover/freezer night

Friday: Fried haddock, coleslaw, homemade fries

Saturday: Apple, poultry sausage and chicken breast stuffing bake (I think I’m going to have to make this up as i go along)

Sunday: Chicken noodle casserole