And so I’m back…from outer space

super nova by the SmithsonianWhen you generally blog at least every-other day, not blogging for over a week seems like a really, really long time.
Remember this post?
This was the last post I wrote, except for yesterdays incoherent stream of consciousness post.
It was the beginning of what I call being sucked into a deep deep dark dark pit. A wormhole, if you will. Thanks to Fadra, for the clarification between wormhole and black hole, and how it relates to being a parent working in the home. I won’t even begin to describe it. Funny thing about it though, you don’t realize you are in it until you shoot out the other side.
I’ve been writing my butt off this morning. Little bits here and there. So I can give you a sneaky-peaky at the posts for this week.
Tomorrow I will resume the Crazy Eyeris series. I got my skates yesterday! I wore them around the house. In fact, I’m wearing them now. My butt muscles hurt, but it’s a good kind of hurt.
Wednesday I will give you 101 things I want to do this year. Thanks Emily! It’s really given me something to think about, and I’m somehow going to tie it in to the twelve goals in twelve months idea, from Midlife Mixtape.
Thursday I will tell you who I am pretend inviting to my fake birthday dinner in March. It’s going to be extra special!
Friday I will unveil my picks for the Versatile blogger award. Something I have been giving a great deal of thought to. I’m very pleased with my list.
So today I’m catching up. I’ve almost up on my blog reading. I’ve made dinner and bread. Both of the kids are fed (twice even!) and clothed. The house is clean. Laundry is in process and WILL be finished AND put away. I worked out. I’m in my skates. I’ve worked, and caught up on some projects in desperate need of attention. I’ve planned the rest of the week. I’m pretty stoked you guys! I think I might even read a magazine and make cookies with Ben. Mom fail – Ben missed the bus. Mental health day, I guess.
When do I get one of those? Someday when I go back to outer space, I guess. In the meantime, and probably for a short time, I’m organized and I’m motivated. Bring it, universe!
Have you ever been stuck in a wormhole?

Writing lists and writing-writing: how I get through life

The other day, as I was feverishly plotting and planning out my week and writing in my planner, my husband was all like, “you spend a lot of time writing in that planner. Don’t you think you would have more time if you used a computer-based program to list all your to-do’s?”

Maybe. But to him I say, “No thank you, sir.”

Before you say, “Just give it a try!” you should know that I HAVE tried it. I tried Google Lists or whatever you call it in my Gmail for about three days, thankyouverymuch. And I hated it. And here is why.

There are many feelings for me that are associated with writing a list. The number one reason is it is very soothing to me. It takes me from crazy-worry-panic to ahhh now I can relax and it will all be okay. I have a plan. I know what to do. At least in theory. I simply cannot analyze and process my life any other way. Lists make the shit in my brain real, and it’s not real if I don’t write it. And re-write it, and re-write it, and re-write it. You see, I ALWAYS start with a preliminary list of things that need to be done, or plans I have made, and then I move on to the actual list, which is always in red. Red makes real even real-er. So, this is how I stay on task. How I stay (somewhat) worry and stress free. And so there is your dose of crazy Laine. I hope you enjoyed it, and you are very welcome.

Now that we have that out of the way, let us discuss writing-writing.  I’m still a child of the computer age, so of course I never do my writing-writing with a pen. Unless I’m in a pinch and I HAVE to outline, or write down a witty line that comes to me. Generally my brain works much faster than my one hand can write, and I have horrible writing when I am in a hurry. It’s so bad I can barely even read it. Thanks to the typing class I took in high school (by FAR the most useful class I have ever taken – like EVER) I am a fab-u fast typer. When I write my feelings are generally less intense than my feelings when I am compelled to write lists. So I am able to process my writing feelings gently while I am reading my writing.

So, two types of writing, two types of feelings, two processes. And this, my friends, is how I get through life.