Cha Cha Cha Changes!

No, I’m not channeling my inner Bowie. Okay maybe I am.
But I’m also really excited to announce where I’ve been the last couple of weeks.

I’ve been re-working my professional blog, Elaine Griffin Designs, and changing my business and professional goals.
So now Imma gonna blog on two blogs.

Over here you get Crazy Eyeris, Laine the horrible, no good, very bad mommy, bedazzaler of earmuffs, and mocker of Fashion week. (By the way, Crazy Eyeris is making an appearance soon, I promise!)
Over there you get Elaine: WordPress designer, social media and branding someday-consultant.
Head on over and take a look! Or don’t, it won’t hurt my feelings as long as you stay comfy and warm right here!

And I promise, to all of you who are wondering why I’m not reading and commenting on your blogs, that I will be back full force this weekend – I miss you!

Self-confidence and overcoming fears

Most people would say I am confident. And I am. In the past, though, I have not let anyone see that I am vulnerable. That I am constantly riddled with worry and self-doubt.

Since I started blogging, I have learned that displaying vulnerability does not make me appear less confident. In fact, I have stopped worrying what people think, which gives me confidence in myself. It took me many months to post that first post. But once it came to me and I wrote it down, I was bitten by a bug that will never go away.

I would not have been able to start blogging if I had not re-trained myself in graphic and web design and then taken the plunge to start a business. My friend once told me to “fake it ‘till you make it.” And while I have never faked any skills or taken on something I couldn’t handle, I definetly faked my confidence. I have had to push myself to get myself out there. It has taken a lot to get over feeling like I lack in credibility because I don’t have a design degree. What I have done, however is depended on my self-discipline and real-life experience that allows me to relate to people and dissect what they need for themselves and their business. That is something you can never learn in college. And I have more at stake, so you better be damn sure I’m going to ALWAYS do a good job.

Basically, I just decided to make the change in my attitude and the confidence followed. Changing from a “what if” attitude to an “I have to and I can” attitude is what it took for me.