Dancing, crying, flying monkeys and the Kathryn Ingrid award

Kathryn Ingrid Creativity AwardThe Kathryn Ingrid Creativity Award is seriously making the rounds! And now we finally have a graphic! If you need it, take it, or email me and I will send it to ya!

I’m proud to say I’m receiving this award from Emily from Coffee and Spellcheck. Check out her blog – she is awesome! One of the tasks of receiving these types of awards is to tell more about yourself. So here goes, my list of seven totally awesome things about me.

I don’t have anything against hunting, but it freaks me out. And I’m afraid to eat venison. Even though I know where the rest of my food comes from, and I know it’s way creepier, it’s still the norm for me.

Umpa Loompas, flying monkeys, and moths. Deathly afraid.

I dance and sing anywhere I want. If I feel it, I do it. I really don’t care what anyone else thinks. And this is probably one of the only times I don’t care what people think.

I have inappropriate emotions when I get overwhelmed with joy. I cry at parades. I cry sometimes when I hear Christmas music. This morning, in fact, I cried when I heard Barry Manilow’s version of Jingle Bells.

I used to call Barry Manilow Mary Manilow. And I love James Taylor more than anyone should, I think.

I don’t like breakfast food. Sometimes I like to have breakfast – maybe once a week? But that is pushing it. And I try to plan it, but I really don’t like and don’t believe in breakfast for dinner. So I save that for everyone else to have if I’m out during dinner.

When I’m rich I will travel. I will have a beautiful home on the beach. I will also have a classic mustang, a motorcycle, and a boat. I will hire someone to clean my house, but I will do the cooking. And I will buy whatever ingredients I want to make super-fabu meals.

I guess these aren’t too weird, right? But they are totally awesome! How about ya’ll? Do you have anything you want to disclose? Have at it!