On Kegels, Vagina Dentata, Vaginal Weights, and Squats


I was probably 12 or 13 when Cosmopolitan Magazine first taught me about my pelvic floor. Well, more accurately, they taught me about kegels, and how all women should be doing them to strengthen their pelvic floor, and also their vaginas! A pelvic floor should be strong. And so should our vaginas! Shhhh, don’t tell {… Continue Reading …}

A Call to Action: Let’s Turn the Negatives into a Positive


Remember my Miss Bimbo post from last week? Well, I can’t let it go. I keep thinking about how I mention to Miss Bimbo, “You have a forum where you could actually do good. You could have real conversations about fashion and self-esteem, and make positive impressions. But instead you choose to perpetuate the hate {… Continue Reading …}

Miss Bimbo: Here’s Your Throat Punch

miss bimbo logo

I’m in awe of how far we stoop as girls, as women, and as people in general for a little attention. I mean, could we set the bar any lower for our children? This website, called Miss Bimbo, in my opinion, is one of the lowest of the low. So I’m writing this post in {… Continue Reading …}