Please, do NOT let this happen to you: part deux

I know you all remember this post a couple of weeks ago, which discussed fashion week and the resurgence of wearing pajamas as clothes. I feel like I’ve done a huge injustice to men. I should have been more specific and let them know it meant them too!

It never occurred to me until this morning, when I came across this:

Ryan Gossling fashion faux paux

Ryan Gossling wears jammie shirts!

Ryan Gossling, bringin’ jammie shirts back!

Okay. I am not going to reiterate why this is a bad, bad, bad idea. But I DO have a special message for Ryan Gossling.

Dear Ryan. Dear, DEAR Ryan. You have legions of women just lusting after the passion you bring. Don’t blow it by wearing jammie shirts! Like, EVER! You don’t have to wear shirts at all!

Thank you, Laine.

And you are welcome, ladies. I’m sure Ryan is going to hear my message loud and clear, and you should expect to see him shirtless all the time very soon!

Please, do NOT let this happen to you!

You know how the 80’s are back in a big way? I personally enjoy this. Yes, there are some things that we should laugh at and not re-create, but for the most part, I don’t mind going back.

If the fashion displayed at Fashion Week is any indication, we are now trying to recreate the 90’s. Remember Skidz? I REALLY wanted a pair, and of course, I never got them. A fact I am thankful for now. Thanks mom! My dad used to call them Skid Marks, clever, huh? But this definition is in the Urban Dictionary, so I’ll hit you with it.

SKIDZ “This is what happens when you don’t wipe properly and your underwear slide up and down against your butt hole and leaves a brown long stain on your pants shorts, or underwear.”

Also from Urban Dictionary, “SKIDZ… were pajama-like baggy pants worn in the ’80s. They were real popular… like ‘Hammer’ pants and ‘Parachute’ pants for ‘Breakin’ and stuff like that. They were held up by a drawstring that wasn’t that secure… which is probably why they phased out… since pulling someone’s pants down in front of everybody is an old pastime in many public schools.”

Skidz print ad

These people are having so much fun! Word UP! Thank you to for this awesome pic!

I’m sorry the picture isn’t better, but I’m not kidding when I say this ad is the ONLY one Skidz picture I could find online, and it was used in several incarnations on all three websites that even dare to acknowledge Skidz happened to us.

So, I was reminded of all of this today as I was browsing the website. As if we weren’t all tramatized by Skidz and wearing boxer shorts with t-shirts tucked into the front to school dances, we now have to deal with this.

BoHo pants a la Fashion Week

BoHo chic ya'll!! Image from

Yes, that’s right, we are now supposed to wear our pajamas everywhere! I hear what you are saying, “but those are CLASSY pajama pants! Why, just look at how the comfortable, baggy legs wrap around into a smart and sophisticated buttoned waistband! And the print – it’s so BoHo chic!” Well, I disagree, but your opinion is noted.

And now I present you with this little gem.

Bad pajama suit a la Fashion Week

From bedroom to catwalk in a flash! Image from

This is sylist Caroline Sieber hangin’ out in her jammy jam’s in PARIS!  That print shouldn’t even be worn in the bedroom, let alone when you go out and about. And you know what? Wearing high heels and jewelry with man pajamas just makes you look confused.

I don’t know why designers are trying to convince us that it is okay to not only stay in our pajamas all day, let alone keep them in our closet as part of our arsenal of professional wear. Please, please, don’t let this happen to you!! And you are very welcome for the warning.

How do you feel about PJ’s as fashion? It’s okay, you can be honest….