The Best Mother’s Day Gift: My Children

Yesterday was my son’s  7th birthday. Seven years ago, one week before Mother’s Day, he made me a mother.

Four years later, one week after Mother’s Day, I became a mother again. This time, to a daughter.

Best Mother's Day Gift My ChildrenI was gifted with two amazing little people.

There are some ways that bringing my babies into the world was not the most pleasant experience. When Ben was born he had some sort of bizarre vomiting and choking issue that awarded him three days in the NICU.  When Genevieve was born, my husband’s somewhat estranged mother sent hateful, accusatory, and demanding emails to me when I was still in the hospital.

In spite of the worry and upset associated with their births, nothing could take away that amazing feeling I had after giving birth. The hormones, freeing your body, and seeing that new little person you created, combines into the greatest cocktail of your life. It makes you feel light and airy. Energized. Deliriously happy. I’m sure there is a drug out there somewhere that makes you feel the same. I have often mentioned I wish I could bottle the post-birth euphoria, but without that sweet little baby, it just wouldn’t be the same.

There are some ways that being a mother is not the most pleasant experience. The hormones subside. The fatigue kicks in and never really goes away. New worries pop up. Maybe you allow them to dictate what kind of mother you will be. The kind of mother who is filled with self-doubt, stress, and worry. Maybe you don’t ever become the mother you thought you would be.

Motherhood is hard and overwhelming.  I’m sure fatherhood is too, but in my home, as in many others, I am the default. I do the lion’s share of the loving, the planning, the breaking up of fights, the discipline, the handing out disappointment.  It’s tumultuous, and many times I don’t know if I am coming or going.

It’s truly draining.

Motherhood is also glorious. On my children’s birthdays, I am almost able to recall that hormone cocktail feeling, when I recount to them their birth stories. I look at them and see their tiny infant faces, which I can still see through their growing kid faces. Everything stands still, and nothing else matters.

It’s truly refreshing.

The best gift I ever received for Mother’s Day was my children, and they never fail to give to me every day.

They give me eyes to see myself.

They give me love when I cannot love myself.

They give me pause to forget the stress and see the beauty and humor in every day.

They give me their trust, that I will love them and care for them unconditionally.

I often feel like I am not the mother I wanted to be. I am impatient. I’m overwhelmed. I’m annoyed. I yell. I am not always in the moment. The list could go on.

Yet, they continue to love me unconditionally, because I am their mother. And I them, because they are my babies.

That is the greatest gift of all.

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Our Trip to the National Museum of Play

Last week the kids and I played hookie we took a field trip to Rochester to visit a friend and go to the National Museum of Play. That place is seriously awesome. I can’t even put into words all they have to offer, so I will let them do the talking.

You’re never too big for this much fun! With more than 150,000 square feet of dynamic interactive exhibit space; the world’s largest collection of toys, dolls, games, and other items that celebrate play; a wide range of programs and activities; and family-friendly amenities, the National Museum of Play® provides educational, entertaining, and unforgettable intergenerational fun.

I didn’t take that many pictures, because I was too busy playing!

museum of play

We strolled along Sesame Street, and had a picture in Big Bird’s nest. We saw comic book hero’s, shopped at a kid sized Wegmans, and played in an arcade. One of the best parts was the butterfly garden. Even though there was a butterfly or probably a moth that kept buzzing my head/face. In case you don’t remember, here is my history with moths.

I love how the turtle looks like he is waving good-bye!

If you are a local or are traveling through Western New York, this is a serious must do! It is well worth the money, and I can’t wait to go back!

Little Old Ladies

Little Old LadiesLittle Old Ladies.

Who used to meet their friends for coffee at Woolworth’s.

Who would wrap their restaurant leftovers in napkins and put them in their purse.

Who used their caring insightfulness to help guide us through our troubles.

Who we named our babies after.

Remember them? I do.

I’ve been struck, lately, by this need for little old ladies in my life. Because, well, I used to have them and now I don’t.

It started when I was selling merchandise at a local festival. This old, wrinkled woman handed me a fresh, crisp twenty dollar bill with her tight, crooked fingers.

“Two buttons please. Keep the change.”

What she donated was not much, really. ‘Only’ ten dollars. But I cannot put a price on the nourishment she fed my soul.

Yesterday I took my son to get his hair cut at this little local place in my little local town.

You know the place. Where they take walk-ins. Where they  know most of the walk-in customers, but it doesn’t matter if they don’t. They still ‘know’ you and find a way to strike up conversation with you as if they have known you your whole life. The owner is the Northern version of Dolly Parton’s character in Steel Magnolias. Sweet, loving, careful, and you betcha she knows all the going’s on in this town, and is not afraid to tell you all about it. Or keep your deepest, darkest secret.

When we aren’t chatting about the new Mexican restaurant that has been trying to open for the last nine months, I overhear the owner telling another customer about the loss of her grandmother this past Winter.

“Oh, I’m so sorry.”

“Oh, thanks honey, it’s okay, I really expected it. I’m just glad that she got to know my kids. It’s so rare that kids get to know their great-grandparents.”

My heart stops. Cracks. And shatters all over her linoleum.

Those are almost the same words that came out of my mouth four and a half years ago, after two days of Thanksgiving dinners with my family and my husband’s, where we basked in the glory of our 18-month old son getting to know not one but three great-grandmothers.’

And then they died.

My grandmother, just days after Thanksgiving, and with no warning, died after suffering a catastrophic stroke.

My husbands grandmother had a stroke on the day we buried my grandmother, finally giving in to rest two weeks later, on December 23rd.

We jinxed it.

And now I’m longing for a little old lady.

So after this heart-stopping moment at the hair dresser, I go to the local grocery store to pick up some bread for some quick, yet soul-satisfying grilled cheese sandwiches. You know, the Heidelberg bread? That  bread my grandmother LOVED and could eat by the loaf? I bought that.

And then I went outside. I noticed a well-dressed dude sitting in his brand new, running car, doing something on his phone. Not unusual. And then I turned after putting my baby in the car, to see a little old lady.

And a young grocery boy asking her which car was her’s and where to put the bags. She pointed him in the right direction, and he, with a shocked and confused look on his face, pointed to the car with the dude on the phone in it, and said, “This car?”

I shared his confusion.

Because not only did the dude in the car not notice his grandmother coming out of the store, he also didn’t notice the grocery boy opening the back driver side door and putting in the groceries. Or he didn’t care.

Most importantly, he didn’t notice his little old lady struggling to get the car door open so she could get in.

What the fuck.

My heart broke, and I started crying. I said, in the shelter of my car, “What are you doing, dude? Help your grandmother! There are so many of us that would give ANYTHING to be able to help our grandmothers’ grocery shop, and you are on your PHONE!”

There was an audible gasp from the back seat as my son realized what was going on. A quiet, “oh mom” from my two year old when she realizes I’m crying.

And then silence. The only silence I’ve had all day.

I pull out of my parking space, crying, as I head home.

Wishing I had a Little Old Lady.

Eight Hopes and Dreams for Two Kids

It occurred to me around Mother’s Day that I have never really sat down and thought about my hopes and dreams for my kids. Of course, I want the obvious things that we all want for our kids – health, happiness, etc, but I’ve never participated in any deeper reflection, because, frankly, in general, it’s just not what I do. But I am making an effort to more fully enjoy life and appreciate all that I have, which I think requires reflection, so here we go.

1. Most of all, I wish for you both to experience true love. Even if you can’t keep it, although I hope you do, I want to know how it feels to love someone so deeply, you would go to the ends of the Earth for them.

2. I know this sounds really crazy, but I hope that you experience heartbreak, and I know you will. It will come in the form of disapointment at not getting chosen first in gym class. It will come in the form of teen angst when the boy or girl you like doesn’t like you back. It will come in the form of anger when we can’t send you to private college and we make you start at the community college. I promise you will survive, even though you think your chest has been cracked open. You will even be better because of it! And you know I am always going to be here to lend an ear. And probably also unsolicited advice.

3. This is another crazy one, but I hope you experience some struggle. Not the kind that kills your soul and makes you heartless and jaded, but the kind that makes you stronger, and better able to appreciate the beauty and joy that surrounds you. If you work for what you have you will never be sorry.

4. Speaking of beauty and joy, I hope that you truly appreciate the beauty of your life. Find beauty in the mundane, in the quirky, and in the grief. It is how you will get through life and move on.

5. I hope you are able to exhibit self control and the ability to step back and just breath. Enjoy without over-indulging. Make good choices in the face of pressure. Sometimes the most effective thing we can do is nothing.

6. Have the strength to chase your dreams and never give up. Also have the strength to realize sometimes dreams change, and that’s okay. If it’s your dream (not my dream, your grandparents’ dream, or your significant others’ dream) chase it, and help those you love chase their dreams too.

7. Although it is great to have your family and a significant other for support, make sure you have the ability to be self-sufficient. Get an education. Get a job. Don’t depend on other people without some sort of a backup plan. Shit happens, and you need to be prepared to take care of yourself.

8. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks of you. Okay, it does matter what *I* think of you! I think you are great. You were put on this planet, in this time, for a reason. Be kind to yourself so you can fulfill all you were meant to be.

What are your hopes and dreams for your kids?

Gotta Have that Funk?

I’m in a funk.

When did this happen? When I took a vacation. And didn’t work, or blog, or be on the computer at all, really. Which is wonderful, but I got out of a groove, and into a funk, and not of the George Clinton variety. And now I have all of these things to say, but I don’t know how to say them because I have funk-brain.

Aside from having to leave the beach – which is where I belong – and come back to the harsh reality of jobs and home-ownership in a place where I don’t want to be, a couple of things are contributing to my funkiness.

1. I had to leave my parents behind, which never, ever gets easier. In fact, leaving and facing the reality that we are not together more than a couple of times a year gets sadder and sadder with every visit.

2. I lost my steady income due to cutbacks. Without warning, and a day after coming back from vacation and draining the bank account so we could fill our house with groceries. At least we have food, though.

3. My computer is in the shop – again. This time to properly install programs that were not installed properly when it was in the shop the last time, and also to switch out faulty parts. This is fine, except I have projects that have now been neglected since the end of April. Neglected projects = unhappy clients, at a time when I really, really, really need happy clients.

Seeing my way through this stinky, hazy funk is not easy. But, I am perpetually positive, even if only because of my fear that the Universe will punish me further if I am not. So here is the good.

1. I got to take a vacation – at the beach, and see my family for the first time in almost a year!

2. We have a decent home, and my husband has a good job, and that is more than a lot of people have, so I should just be happy where I am for now while we plan what to do with the rest of our lives.

3. I lost a job that I hated. Detested. That made me crabby every morning because I had to do it. So now I get to sleep a little later in the morning. Plus, I’ve been working my butt off marketing my business, so I’m in a good position there. Something good will happen – it’s almost my time!

4. Without my computer, I have allowed myself some time to just be. I have been able to rest, reflect, spend time with and enjoy my children, and organize some things that were badly in need of some attention.

5. I was able to pull myself together enough to podcast! I’m very excited about that one.

So, there you have it. The bad and the good. The reasons why I’m in a funk and fairly silent lately, and how that might not be such a bad thing. Today is the last day I’m going to sit around and wallow. I swear.

How do you deal with being in a funk?

My passion project: Reclaiming my power so I can be here for everyone else

passion and success quote from Walter CronkiteThe NaBloPoMo prompt for today is: Are you pursuing a passion project?

It is funny that this prompt comes today. Since last week I have been mulling over a blog post about how women set personal and professional goals and prioritize life so they can be better to themselves, their children, spouses, and what have you. I am my passion project. I am reclaiming my power so I can be better all-around.

Have you ever been in a really dark place but didn’t know it until you came out of it? That’s how I feel about my whole life. Nothing bad has really happened, in the scheme of all that could happen. But life HAS happened, and somewhere, I think a VERY long time ago, I lost myself. My mother would say that sometime in the tween/pre-puberty years, I lost my power.

And so I’m trying to take the power back by taking the time to pursue my professional goals, which to be honest are also my personal goals. After having my kids and being home with them it has become obvious that I wanted, no NEEDED to have a career. I HAVE to be successful at something outside of raising my family. I need that validation that comes from having a successful career. I need to use my brain or I go to very deep, dark places. Also, someday both of the kids will be in school, and I don’t want to be a droid working in an office. I need to keep myself fresh so I can take off when they do.

But for a while I didn’t know what to do for a career. I knew I needed to do something that I could do mostly from home. We need the income, but the cost of going to work is outrageous. Plus I still want to be home with my kids. I still want to be here after school, and have the flexibility when they are sick, or there is a vacation day. Or to be a room mother. Or whatever.

I also knew I need to create, so after a lot of trial and error, I decided on graphic and web design, and later, blogging. I already have a ton of student loans, so I didn’t feel like I could justify another degree. So I had to totally retrain myself. With several years of training and practicing behind me I am spending less time working for money doing jobs I hate, and more time building my business. I am now taking risks (by not working as much for pay) and spending a lot of time writing, networking, and working for free to build my portfolio and reputation. This is not easy on the family since I do still have to work for pay, and so I have to squeeze a lot in to every day. But we manage, and we are all learning how to better manage our time and fulfill each others needs. And I am much happier.

I HAD to find something that was me. I was not being a good mother. I was not being a good wife. I was not being good to me. I had to find an outlet for my creative energy and emotions. Simply being at home is not good for me. I need contact. And I am not afraid to say I need validation. Who doesn’t?

I am my passion project and I am taking my power back, and we are all better for it.

What is your passion project? Have you, or do you plan to make time to pursue your own goals? Do you think it is important for you to do this in order to be good to everyone around you?

Holiday traditions part 1

Elf on a Shelf

We love holiday traditions, new and old!

This week on our podcast, Kate and Laine’s Ultimate Podcast, we are gearing up for the holidays and discussing our favorites, like shopping, food, music, etc. In preparation for recording the podcast, I thought it might be nice to outline some of my holiday favorites. So here we go:

Favorite place to shop – local, green, great deals, and online: I like to shop as much as I can in Downtown Ithaca.  I also like to buy music for people on Funkyside. I honestly don’t do a lot of green shopping. I love to shop at Target, and I USED to shop at Borders online but alas, no more. Mainly, though, my big shopping joy comes from remembering something obscure someone said and then making their dream come true!

Where is your favorite place to shop?

Favorite traditions: My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is that my family celebrates on Saturday after Thanksgiving. It really eases the stress of the day, since many of us have more than one family to visit. This is a win-win situation for everyone because we can all enjoy our time together without rushing around. My favorite Christmas tradition is actually making breakfast. After we exchange our gifts we ladies (and sometimes the gents) all gather in the kitchen to make breakfast together. They guys hang out and the kids play with their new toys and argue. It’s so fun to just cook and chat and then EAT! And chat. SO FUN!

What are your favorite holiday traditions?

Favorite foods: I think my favorite Thanksgiving food is dressing with gravy on it. And squash. And cranberry sauce, both homemade and canned. I’m not really sure, I love it all! I’m not sure what my favorite Christmas food is. I guess cookies, and also anything we have for Christmas dinner because it generally involves some sort of large cut of beef and a lot of sides. Remember this post? This is what I’m thinking for Christmas dinner this year – not to be freaky, it won’t be my last meal!

What are your favorite holiday foods?

Favorite music: Man, this is a hard one!! I love all the children’s classics. James Taylor Christmas, Boston Pops, Bing Crosby. I also have a new Jackson Five CD I bought on Borders clearance last year that I am ready to bust out. I’m sure it will be great. This is getting me psyched – I think I’m going to have to start listening to holiday music today!

What is your favorite holiday music? When do you start listening?

Favorite movies: All of the children’s classics – Peanuts, Rudolf, Frosty, Jack Frost, etc. Elf! National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. It’s a Wonderful Life. LOVE THEM!

What are your favorite holiday movies?

Favorite new tradition: Elf on a Shelf!

Do you have any new favorite traditions?

Now I’m super pscyhed for the holidays!

Do you have any holiday favorites? I want to hear them and feature them on future blog posts and on this week’s podcast!

Epic mommy fail

Here’s the setup

We are a one car family. Which is great for the environment and our perpetually empty bank account, but it kind of, okay, really sucks. But we make do. My husband car pools to work a couple days a week and I make arrangements to have all the doctor appointments, errands, etc. fall on the days I have the car. Our son started kindergarten this year and although there is an option to bus, I decide we will walk to school! First of all, the school is fairly close. Second, I’m not ready for him to take the bus. Okay, I said it. Sometimes I’m “that mom.” Lastly, I see this as my opportunity to finally get the exercise I really, really need. Here are the facts, folks. There’s a lot of jelly in this belly and I’m fairly certain my muscles have started to seize.

So all of this walking crap is great. Except I get up at the ass crack of dawn to settle in at my dining room table to work. Which means, walking or not, I have to come up for air and stop working to give us time to get ready and enjoy the morning. A task I am almost completely physically and mentally incapable of doing.

Fail #1: Complete Morning Breakdown

Fast forward to this morning, me screaming at people to get ready. The baby is screaming and throwing food. The boy wining about not being able to get his sweatshirt on and OMG a sweatshirt AND a jacket is SO uncomfortable! Yeah, he really said OMG. We finally get out the door and literally start running to school. We try to make it fun by playing red light green light, tag, and whatever else, but it’s just not working out to be a happy time. There is no bouncing back. I’m apologizing profusely and promising better mornings to come. The boy is reminding me of slip-ups from the past, which is quite frankly making me want to turn around and make him walk the rest of the way himself.

Finally, we get there. The teacher’s aids are all like, “hey, wow, look at your red cheeks from the cold!” And we are all like, “and yeah, the running!” hehehehawhawhaw. So I say to my kid, “don’t forget to tell your teacher I put money in your folder for ice cream Friday!”

Fail #2: Ice Cream

So the teachers at the door are all like, “yeah, we serve ice cream on Thursdays.” Me, kind of arguing a little, “I’m sure it said on the note that came home that ice cream is served on Friday.” I mean, come on, shouldn’t Friday be treat day? Sheesh.

Insert blank stares and slight shakes of head from teachers.

So I say to my son who is rather pathetically looking at me like I am the worst failure ever, “I’m so sorry buddy. You can have ice cream after school as a special treat okay?” This mildly satisfies him.

Teacher: “Well at least he said okay!”

Me: “Yeah, what can I say, he’s used to me.” And then I walk away and have to put on my aviators because I am crying.

Fail #3: The baby

So I pull myself together and get trucking. Just as I’m about to come to the place where I have to decide to take the short way or the long cut, the baby starts screaming. Again. She is not satisfied with any toys or the random leaves I give her. But, I take the long way anyway. Jelly in the belly, you know. And I really do need to also take care of me. Next time I have to remember to bring my iPod.

I’m not a bad mom (I tell myself) but I’m starting to realize I really suck at what should be super-simple mom no-brainers. What gives? I know what I need to do. I just have to do it.

Do you suck at super-simple mom no-brainers? Are you awesome at super-simple mom no-brainers? I would love to hear about it!

School pictures are totally stupid and totally rockin’

I am sending my son off for his first school pictures today and I know this sounds crazy guys, but I am giving myself MAD PROPS for not micromanaging this occasion!

Perhaps it was because I never got the school pictures I wanted when I was a kid. I’m sorry mom, I just didn’t. Perhaps it’s because there are somewhere around 160 background choices. Hello, overwhelming. It might even be because I live in constant fear of him being “that kid.” “That kid” whose mommy packs his snack milk because it is cheaper than buying from the school. “That kid” who has the boring blue background for school pictures, when he is clearly rainbow-tie-die-psychedelic-rock kid.

So I brought up the background issue. I could have just chosen, but I wanted him to have at least a voice in the matter. This usually gets me into trouble. So, he chose a multi-colored tie-die with a standing up pose. Which is way too non-traditional for me. I’m thinking seated pose, blue background, messy hair, cheesy kindergarten smile. Hello, I am my mother. And here is a super awesome scan of all of my school pictures. You’re welcome.

Laine's school pictures

Boo ya! I got to choose my background when I got to high school!

But then my world was rocked by a little flyer that came home offering a new online way to order and pay. And there are more background options! And for once in our five years together, with absolutely no hysteria, we found a good happy medium with a less offensive tie-die background and him seated. Non-issue totally resolved!

Did you know that in addition to the approximately 160 backgrounds there are other options you can pay way too much for? These include having your child’s name and grade embossed on the photo and photo retouching. RETOUCHING?! I think having my 5-year olds picture re-touched would make me the awesomest mom, and best of all, it would be an excellent lesson for him.

If I had known how much I could have been missing from the school picture experience, I wouldn’t have been NEARLY as pissed at my parents (mom) as I always was over school pictures. Sorry again, mom.

When I was in school I was seriously concerned about background choices and how many wallets I was going to get so I could give them away to friends and non-friends alike. I am SO GLAD I had no idea how bad I really looked with that stupid plain blue background and NO RETOUCHING!

And then I stumble across this gem. I have no idea what it means, but I’m assuming they know that I have not been keeping up with any sort of scrap booking for my kids. Or actually printing any of the millions of pictures we have taken. So this gem says, “Yes, help me tell the story of my child’s life and make the most of Picture Day via e-mail from time-to-time.” What?

I moved on from that because it boggled my mind, and I hit the order button. And so they are ordered. And now I am going to live in fear that maybe I didn’t do it right. Maybe there is a glitch and he will be there with no order form and no money and no…calm the brain, Laine.

And now we have to choose an outfit. But I am a new kind of parent – to myself anyway. I am going to be the parent I thought I would be before I had kids and I’m going to let him choose his own outfit. I am NOT going to micromanage.

This is hard for me, but I’m growing.

Being realistic when you are a planning over-achiever with big, sweet dreams


I love you Rosie

The planning

Here it is for the world to read. I will say it out loud as I type, to carry the point to my poor little psyche.

My name is Elaine Griffin and I am an organized disaster.

A hot mess in an old dress. Which is actually a nightgown I have had has since I was 12.

I am currently in the final throws of what has been a two-year get this shit organized so you can achieve the success of your dreams campaign. As I near my goal of being organized and ready to take on the world, I realize there is something amiss. I left myself behind somewhere in that organization and planning. I have left no time for life.

The truth is, like most women, I am too hard on myself. I have unrealistic short-term goals. I abuse my body, mind, and my nerves, which affects everyone around me, and makes me feel trapped and inadequate, and perpetuates a cycle of self-loathing followed by planning followed by…. It’s vicious.

All of this preparation is my sanity, in a way. So here I am, once again, and now I’m putting an end to the cycle with the realization that I’m great at identifying what I want and planning how to get it all. I make lists. I know what to do and how to do it.

But my execution sucks.

The over-achieving

I have identified the three main things I want from life. I’m pretty sure most women want these things too. I want to:

  1. be the best person I can be – to myself and my family
  2. have a successful career
  3. have a perfect body

I can totally plan how to do this. To be better. To be the best. But can I execute it without killing myself and everyone around me? Hell NO. So it’s not even worth discussing. Or thinking about. Or especially planning.

Thankfully I’m learning, with the help of my friends, how to be realistic. I have learned that I actually have and am these things. My husband loves me, my kids think I’m the best mother, in spite of my epic fails. And I work my ass off on my career. Success in all three arenas.

So here is what I have decided to do to make me feel better about me.

The new big, sweet dreams

The first thing I am going to do is give myself a little wiggle room during the day and spend more quality time with my kids. Which means not planning quite so much during the week, and I’m going to forgive myself if some things take longer or I decide to do something else, and the listed tasks don’t get done. I’m not going to sit and stare at my list and fret about it. Will I keep re-writing my lists? Oh hell yes. But I will use them as a gentle reminder about what I would like to accomplish, not what I HAVE to accomplish or I will simply cease surviving. I also am not working on the weekend anymore. It’s stressing me out. It’s stressing everyone out. And I need some time to do fun things I like, so I can be a happy girl, a happy wife, a happy mom, and a success in my job.

The second thing I am going to do is get dressed. I hope you just laughed right out loud and peed your pants because I know it sounds funny, but when you stay at home, not getting dressed is an easy trap to fall into. I have deduced that women who work from home and get up in the morning and do something with themselves are more successful than those who sit in their pajamas. I’m not talking get up and put on your best suit. But get up and get dressed. Wear something that is comfortable, but that you could wear to a casual office. Something you wouldn’t be embarrassed to present yourself in. This is hard for me because I keep buying a series of the same t-shirts from Old Navy, which I loved at first, but are no longer fashionable, and are making me feel pretty damn dumpy right about now. Work aside, if you are like me, you are balancing work and running errands like grocery shopping and transporting your kids around. There are opportunities everywhere, and you don’t want to miss them. One key to success is being prepared to talk about yourself and tell people what you do. I missed what could have been a valuable opportunity the other day because I wasn’t feeling like I looked up to par. So say it with me ladies, when it’s work time NO MORE SWEATPANTS! and I mean any kind of work or errand running – paid or unpaid.

The last thing I am going to do is focus less on beauty perfection. I’m focusing on health. Eating right, moving my body a few times a week and doing it with the intention of just feeling good. And I’m going to remember to take my multivitamin. That is what I can commit to now.

So there you have it. My plan to not plan to be an over-achieving organized disaster. To be realistic in life and in my endeavors. Have I given it too much thought? Perhaps. But I give it to you so maybe I can keep you from being an organized disaster yourself.

Do you have something you would like to contribute? I want to hear from you! Use the comment form or send me an email.

*This post was inspired by the writers and ladies who contribute at the Curvy Girl Guide, especially this post about creating a home office, which was one of the first I read.*