Cha Cha Cha Changes!

No, I’m not channeling my inner Bowie. Okay maybe I am.
But I’m also really excited to announce where I’ve been the last couple of weeks.

I’ve been re-working my professional blog, Elaine Griffin Designs, and changing my business and professional goals.
So now Imma gonna blog on two blogs.

Over here you get Crazy Eyeris, Laine the horrible, no good, very bad mommy, bedazzaler of earmuffs, and mocker of Fashion week. (By the way, Crazy Eyeris is making an appearance soon, I promise!)
Over there you get Elaine: WordPress designer, social media and branding someday-consultant.
Head on over and take a look! Or don’t, it won’t hurt my feelings as long as you stay comfy and warm right here!

And I promise, to all of you who are wondering why I’m not reading and commenting on your blogs, that I will be back full force this weekend – I miss you!

And so I’m back…from outer space

super nova by the SmithsonianWhen you generally blog at least every-other day, not blogging for over a week seems like a really, really long time.
Remember this post?
This was the last post I wrote, except for yesterdays incoherent stream of consciousness post.
It was the beginning of what I call being sucked into a deep deep dark dark pit. A wormhole, if you will. Thanks to Fadra, for the clarification between wormhole and black hole, and how it relates to being a parent working in the home. I won’t even begin to describe it. Funny thing about it though, you don’t realize you are in it until you shoot out the other side.
I’ve been writing my butt off this morning. Little bits here and there. So I can give you a sneaky-peaky at the posts for this week.
Tomorrow I will resume the Crazy Eyeris series. I got my skates yesterday! I wore them around the house. In fact, I’m wearing them now. My butt muscles hurt, but it’s a good kind of hurt.
Wednesday I will give you 101 things I want to do this year. Thanks Emily! It’s really given me something to think about, and I’m somehow going to tie it in to the twelve goals in twelve months idea, from Midlife Mixtape.
Thursday I will tell you who I am pretend inviting to my fake birthday dinner in March. It’s going to be extra special!
Friday I will unveil my picks for the Versatile blogger award. Something I have been giving a great deal of thought to. I’m very pleased with my list.
So today I’m catching up. I’ve almost up on my blog reading. I’ve made dinner and bread. Both of the kids are fed (twice even!) and clothed. The house is clean. Laundry is in process and WILL be finished AND put away. I worked out. I’m in my skates. I’ve worked, and caught up on some projects in desperate need of attention. I’ve planned the rest of the week. I’m pretty stoked you guys! I think I might even read a magazine and make cookies with Ben. Mom fail – Ben missed the bus. Mental health day, I guess.
When do I get one of those? Someday when I go back to outer space, I guess. In the meantime, and probably for a short time, I’m organized and I’m motivated. Bring it, universe!
Have you ever been stuck in a wormhole?

The Versatile Blogger Award, a crazy day, and why are 5 year-olds so rude?

Versatile Blogger Award

Versatile Blogger Award

Yo, yo, YO! I’m happy to announce I was awarded the Versatile Blogger Award! I’m stoked to be honored with this, and I would love to thank my friend and fellow blogger MJ Monaghan for bestowing this upon me. I am going to check out the other awardees soon, as well as fulfill the blogging obligations that go along with this honor. Which I think is super fun! Please go check out his blog, and all the other blogs he nominated!

Usually I try to post earlier in the day, but I got swamped! I was going to do a wordless Wednesday post, and post my 12 goals in 12 months visual that I’ve been thinking of creating, (Thank you Nancy from Midlife Mixtape!) but I never had time to do the visual. *sigh* I was going to follow it with a discussion of my new business plan, which I think is very exciting!  Maybe next week? I am happy to say that I am finally able to think clearly and figure out how I can make marry blogging with my graphic and web design business, Elaine Griffin Designs. Part of my new business plan involves super awesome theme customization. I’m working on The Laine List and my very sorely neglected industry blog, plus a couple of other blogs in this week and next. I’m becoming an expert on the in’s and out’s and versatility of the Twenty Eleven theme from WordPress. I love this theme. So many awesome features and plug-in options! It’s versatile, adaptable, and just plain AWESOME!

Anyway, A LOT is happening business-wise, and I’m crossing my fingers that business is picking up. And if it does, it just makes me super gladder to have been laying the groundwork to maintain peace and balance in my home/office!  Maybe someday I can have only one job! Rock on!

Observation: 5 year-old’s are the meanest, rudest, most ungrateful monsters on the planet. At least mine is. I love that boy to death, but I will tell you what. I’m beyond tired of being talked back to, told no, and generally argued with. AND TODAY HE “WHATEVER” ‘ed me. RAGE!!

Today came and went so quickly. I feel like I’m on a crazy train. Do you ever feel that way?

Dancing, crying, flying monkeys and the Kathryn Ingrid award

Kathryn Ingrid Creativity AwardThe Kathryn Ingrid Creativity Award is seriously making the rounds! And now we finally have a graphic! If you need it, take it, or email me and I will send it to ya!

I’m proud to say I’m receiving this award from Emily from Coffee and Spellcheck. Check out her blog – she is awesome! One of the tasks of receiving these types of awards is to tell more about yourself. So here goes, my list of seven totally awesome things about me.

I don’t have anything against hunting, but it freaks me out. And I’m afraid to eat venison. Even though I know where the rest of my food comes from, and I know it’s way creepier, it’s still the norm for me.

Umpa Loompas, flying monkeys, and moths. Deathly afraid.

I dance and sing anywhere I want. If I feel it, I do it. I really don’t care what anyone else thinks. And this is probably one of the only times I don’t care what people think.

I have inappropriate emotions when I get overwhelmed with joy. I cry at parades. I cry sometimes when I hear Christmas music. This morning, in fact, I cried when I heard Barry Manilow’s version of Jingle Bells.

I used to call Barry Manilow Mary Manilow. And I love James Taylor more than anyone should, I think.

I don’t like breakfast food. Sometimes I like to have breakfast – maybe once a week? But that is pushing it. And I try to plan it, but I really don’t like and don’t believe in breakfast for dinner. So I save that for everyone else to have if I’m out during dinner.

When I’m rich I will travel. I will have a beautiful home on the beach. I will also have a classic mustang, a motorcycle, and a boat. I will hire someone to clean my house, but I will do the cooking. And I will buy whatever ingredients I want to make super-fabu meals.

I guess these aren’t too weird, right? But they are totally awesome! How about ya’ll? Do you have anything you want to disclose? Have at it!