The Sucky Last Few Days

Sometimes I feel like the universe conspires against me. One step forward, two steps back. I know the universe doesn’t conspire against me, of course. I know I am in control of my fate and my actions. I must learn from the mistakes I make, for they are made in order to teach me a {… Continue Reading …}

SOC Sunday: Fate, Organization, and Inspiration

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Ahhh, the house is finally reasonably clean. Laundry is spinning and tumbling. We are fed, and each doing our own thing. I was going to work this weekend, but I just can’t bring myself to live like that anymore. I have created my own fate – by working my ass off – early mornings, weekends, {… Continue Reading …}

The Versatile Blogger Award, a crazy day, and why are 5 year-olds so rude?

Versatile Blogger Award

Yo, yo, YO! I’m happy to announce I was awarded the Versatile Blogger Award! I’m stoked to be honored with this, and I would love to thank my friend and fellow blogger MJ Monaghan for bestowing this upon me. I am going to check out the other awardees soon, as well as fulfill the blogging {… Continue Reading …}

Balancing work, children, and a relationship is impossible


There, I said it. It is nearly impossible to do all of this, and this balancing act is my number one stresser, right after money. Money, which is why I have to work, and why I have to balance all of this. My attempt at balancing goes something like this. I get up to work {… Continue Reading …}