Stream of consciousness Sunday – writing in the bathroom

I’m sitting in the bathroom writing this. I wonder if they are worried about me. Must be not or else they would be knocking. No, actually they would be barging in.

I’m so easily distracted these days. Maybe I’m on media overload. But I kinda have to be. You can’t be a graphic/web designer/blogger/podcaster/master social media without being on your media.

And these kids want my attention every second. Every.second. No wait, I take that back. They don’t want my attention when I want to give it to them. They wait until I’m just almost able to start concentrating on something and then they want me. Mom. Mom. Mom. Hey mom!

So I’m in the bathroom writing this. Because between the momming, constant banter, yelling over iCarly yelling at us, I’m, well, distracted.

I wonder if they would notice if I stayed in here all day.


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  1. says

    YES! Everything about this! It’s so hard to stay on top of everything in the digital world without staying online all the time! I was semi-complaining about this last night. It can be mentally exhausting and unless I have a plan, I often feel like I’m scattered on the internet. Just trying to use my online time more wisely this year.

  2. says

    Oh, they’ll be missing you when dinnertime comes along. I have to admit I’ve had my laptop in the bathroom before, and more recently, my Kindle Fire. My days of needing to get away are over, but there are still distractions now and then. Thanks for sharing your socSunday today.

  3. says

    “the momming” – I love that. There is a lot of momming happening here too. I too find solace in the bathroom… when I remember to lock the door!

  4. says

    I love having my Droid for this reason! I get notifications when something happens, and it’s much easier to stay updated. When my girls are eating breakfast, I can hang out with them and read a post or an article. Everybody’s happy.

    Plus, at night, when my husband comes home, it’s easy to focus on family time and not feel like I missed anything, because I’m not scrambling to my computer trying to speed read it all.

    • Laine says

      Yeah, I love my Droid too! As a graphic and web designer I’m online all the time anyway. So it’s just a matter of balancing it all. Almost impossible! But I try to shut the laptop well before dinner time. Sometimes I check in once or twice though!

  5. says

    Oh I can so relate to the being media overload. I’m trying to get back to visiting lots of blogs and reconnect but seems like real life distracts me so much so I decide to just do with what I can do online 😀

    • Laine says

      Yes, I think it is with a lot of people. Fortunately for me it’s part of my job, so it’s cool, but it can be overwhelming! Thanks for stopping by!

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