SOC Sunday: Fate, Organization, and Inspiration

Ahhh, the house is finally reasonably clean. Laundry is spinning and tumbling. We are fed, and each doing our own thing.

I was going to work this weekend, but I just can’t bring myself to live like that anymore. I have created my own fate – by working my ass off – early mornings, weekends, and what have you. This has been a crazy week, and things I’ve been working for are now starting to come to fruition. Now that opportunity is knocking at my door I just feel like I deserve to give more of myself to my family and well, myself!

So my goal for myself on the weekends is to spend quality time, and also stay (or get) organized. It really makes such a difference during the week.

I’ve been pretty inspired lately to keep organized. I have to say I’ve been inspired by Pinterest. (Follow me!) Man, now that I’ve gotten into it I can see how it’s kind of a little like crack for some (me). I’ve also been inspired to start my creativity journal, which I have been wanting to start for literally two years. I think I’ll document the progress on the blog, so stay tuned!

So I am off for now, but it is a three day weekend, so this is really more like Saturday, right? So tomorrow I will organize for the week. No school. EEEK!!!

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  1. says

    Interesting twist on the prompt – Just like a designer though – right? Glad to see you are addicted like me to Pinterest – It’s a beautiful thing. Stopping over from #SOCSunday.

    • Laine says

      It’s no wonder my family was way crazier than they are now when I was working on the weekends. We were all suffering.
      As far as Derby, I have once a week practices on Wednesdays from now through the first week in April, and then I’m not sure what will happen after that. I guess it all depends on whether or not I pass my level one test!

  2. says

    Getting organized has been my obsession over the last year and a half. It’s a work that is never done- but it does pay off for the milliseconds that it’s all together as it should be. :)

  3. says

    I spent most of my adult life working late at night and on the weekends and I find like you, I now need my weekends to rejuvenate and get organized. If I don’t have one full day to clean my house, pay bills, laundry, grocery shop and another day to write and relax, I eventually get burned out and feel kind of cheated.

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