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Women exercising from Cornell University on Flickr

Women exercising from Cornell University on Flickr

When I began my blogging journey, I envisioned writing a series about body image and how as girls and eventually women, many of us lose sight of ourselves and our power. We cast our sight and our hatred on our bodies, as if they make up the whole of who we are. As if it is the sole reason for our failings.

We overwork our bodies. Under-rest them. Under-feed them. Under-nourish them. Overwhelm them. Over stress them. We tear them down, and we tear ourselves down.

I consider myself a feminist, whatever that means to you, whatever that means to your in whatever part of your life you are in. I have thought myself to be strong. But even the strongest woman may not be immune to body issues.

And I’ve documented it. So in thinking about my series about body issues, I have looked back in journals I wrote as a teen, and at pieces I wrote in my feminism and women’s studies classes in college. I’ve brainstormed. I’ve written some of this out. And as I proceed on my blogging journey, my idea of what MY blog IS, is more defined. As is my series.

Since, of course, I came to my decision to change my life, my health, and to train to try out for Roller Derby. Now that I have written it for the world to see, I am committed to myself and everyone else to getting into shape and trying out for Derby. My readers – my family members and dear friends, new and old – have been overwhelmingly supportive. It seems I may have inspired some of you to at least think about – if not conquer – reclaiming yourself, or finding something that is YOU and doing it.

And so, I have decided that my weekly series will be entitled “In Pursuit of Crazy Eyeris,” and will tack all of the above-mentioned subjects. Body image. Personal power. Personal training and getting healthy. How much my poor chubby ass is probably going to hurt tomorrow after 20 hard minutes on the elliptical today. How I can’t pick up my baby because I attempted too much arm work. You know, the good, the bad, and the ugly. And the beautiful, the powerful, and the exciting.

Here is a video of my current theme song, The Shrillex Remix of the Black Eyed Peas “Rock that Body.” You’re welcome!

I’m ready for the challenge. Will you join me?


  1. Karen Sandoval says

    i really look forward to reading your adventures in the derby. take photos! roller rinks are beautiful places! but don’t take pics while you are skating :)

  2. says

    While I love to watch Roller Derby, and I sincerely applaud all those brave gals who do it, I’m going to take a more laid back (and less likely to be take an elbow to the face) approach and my goal is to walk to work. Every day, even in the rain. I do draw the line at a super windy day that might flip up my skirt, but I’m willing to be soaking wet, with terrible curly-q, cowlicky bangs. Day 4, and I feel pretty good. Hair looks awful, but I can live with it!

    • Laine says

      Michelle, I think your goal of walking to work and all that comes with it is fantastic! You are joining me in making a change for the better. I love it!!


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