Meal Plan Week of May 19th

meal plan week of May 19th, Elaine Griffin, The Laine List

How is it almost the end of May? It seems like just yesterday we were in the armpit of winter, wondering, "will it ever end?" It's so nice to have green grass, leaves on the trees, and fresh produce! This past weekend I spent a good amount of time getting my meal plan together and prepping food for snacks, lunches, and dinner. I'm still trying to get us in our healthy eating zone and getting myself organized so I don't feel overwhelmed at dinner time. Also, we have sports and scouts twice a  {… Continue Reading …}

WordPress Theme Review: Default Theme, Thesis, Headway, Genesis, and Elegant Themes


Gone are the days of web designers starting from scratch when designing a site. With so many themes and frameworks, we now have a good chunk of the coding done for us, and all we have left to do is customize based on the customer needs for functionality and aesthetics. How do we decide which theme or framework to offer our clients? The pros and cons to all themes and frameworks vary depending on the designer and the customer needs. Here are some pros and cons to a few of the most popular  {… Continue Reading …}

Meal Plan Week of May 12th

meal plan week of May 12th, Elaine Griffin, The Laine List

Last week we celebrated the nice weather with summer food. For the most part we stuck to the menu, with the exception of one day, so those quesadillas are going back on the menu this week! I'm also loading up on the veggies and trying to cut back a little bit on our bread and pasta.  I'm hoping soon to get the time to actually get these recipes blogged! What are you making this week?  {… Continue Reading …}

Learning to Cook from the Heart

Learning to Cook from the Heart, Elaine Griffin, The Laine List

I've been watching cooking shows since I was knee high to my mother and grandmother. Of course back then it was Julia Child. The Frugal Gourmet was right up there for me too. But after Julia it was Graham Kerr and Martin Yan. Soon after that, celebrity chefs hit the scene and the Food Network came along. I could have died and gone to heaven. Celebrity chefs have begun to lose their appeal to me now, unless we are talking about pretty much any Chopped judge and then I will be right  {… Continue Reading …}

Case of the Mondays - I'm sorry I can't work today. I'm too busy pretending to be sick so I can finish all the things I should have done over the weekend.

Anyone else wish all weekends were three days long?  {… Continue Reading …}

Meal Plan Week of May 5th

meal plan week of May 5th, Elaine Griffin, The Laine List

We are gearing up for some good weather this coming week, after along week of rain and cold. I've been feeling ready for warm weather food for several weeks, and much to my dismay last week, I had to break out the crockpot for a hot batch of minestrone soup. It was good, but not what I wanted. So here is our meal plan for the week of May 5th. Some of these recipes we will be testing and tweaking. I'm looking forward to getting back in the kitchen with the kids to see what we can come up  {… Continue Reading …}

When Fear Becomes A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

When Fear Becomes a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Elaine Griffin

Remember how I really wanted to play roller derby? I gave up. It all seemed too hard. Too much work. Not enough sleep. Toomany responsibilities. Not enough support (which is actually probably all in my head). Fear. Intimidation. Self-doubt. Did I mention fear? What am I afraid of, exactly? I don't even know. Not being able to keep up. Injury. Failure. Failure. What is failure when it comes to roller derby? When it comes to doing something for myself? Failure is giving up, which I  {… Continue Reading …}


Nourish by Elaine Griffin

The theme of this months NaBloPoMo is Nourish. As an aspiring food blogger you would think my mind would have immediately thought this would be a perfect opportunity to blog about food. Interestingly, my first thought when I read the word Nourish was how to nourish my soul. What nourishes my soul? My little dude who is sleeping soundly in his bed. My little girl who is balled up on my lap making it hard to type. Good food, that I will gladly cook myself. Good wine. The  {… Continue Reading …}

Making Time to Make Time

Making Time to Make Time

It's been a whole two months since I last posted on this blog. Where has the time gone? What even happened? I honestly have no idea. Too much work, too little play? Perhaps. I don't know, I just haven't been feeling it. Whatever it is. My creativity maybe? It's affecting my work, and my whole life, really. I love my work. But lately something feels like it's missing. You probably know the feeling. The feeling when you are ready to take the next step, but you have no idea what that step is.  {… Continue Reading …}