My three wishes for a saner, cleaner, more rested tomorrow


Friday, November 11, 2011
It’s 11/11/11, make three wishes.

I thought about being totally altruistic with this NaBloPoMo. Three wishes? Great! I want world peace, free healthcare, and for happiness to touch everyone (perhaps via parade participation). But then I got real. I got selfish. My wishes today come after several weeks of very little sleep, adjusting to new school-year schedules, home construction, and the pressure of maintaining the home that I also work in while also caring for the busiest, climbiest toddler I have ever known. All of those are typical stresses for wives and mothers. It’s life, I know, but today, it’s got me down ya’ll! So here we go, my three wishes.

Wish number one – to not be a total soul crusher:

I wish for one day I didn’t feel like I was solely responsible for everyone’s hurt feelings. I don’t mind the thankless job of being a wife and a mother. Most of the time anyway. But I really mind when the reality life becomes my fault. More accurately, it is when I have to point out the reality that it becomes my fault. These are typical scenarios like, you have to go to school because you are not sick and it’s the law. Or, there is no babysitter available this weekend so we can go do what you want to do, I’m sorry, everyone is booked! It seems like everyone always wants something different, and I can’t meet everyone’s needs all the time. So someone is always hurt or disappointed. I guess I need to come to grips with the fact that I am a soul crusher. Or, start not caring and stop taking responsibility for everyone’s feelings. I would ask everyone to change their own thinking about this, but I’m afraid I would upset and disappoint them!

Wish number two – time alone to clean:

My second wish is to have the house completely to myself for a day. I don’t even want to sit around. I just want to clean the house from top to bottom without juggling the kids’ needs. I mean, it’s manageable to clean the house with the kids around, especially the boy. But the baby will only sit in her high chair for so long while I am doing anything. And the only cleaning I get to do when she isn’t locked up requires me running around after her cleaning up her wake of toddler toy-throwing madness. So any kind of thorough cleaning is out. Oh, I also would like to listen to whatever music I want, as loud as I want while I do this.

Wish number three – zoning out time in a hotel room:

My last wish is by far the most selfish and frivolous. I want a night in a fancy hotel room with a whirlpool tub. With wine and some sort of yummy food. And magazines. And sleep. My husband is free to join me, but I have an agenda of bathing, relaxing, and totally zoning out. And sleeping. My kids are not invited because they don’t let me sleep. I also want to sleep in the next morning as long as I want. I know I will be rearing to go and see my kids, but I don’t want to feel bad or guilty if I don’t get back to them until noon. Did I mention I really need some sleep?

Don’t get me wrong, I love my family and would not give them up for all the sanity in the world. But I would like just a teensy break from the juggling act. To accomplish one thing with relative ease and quickness. To be me! To sleep!

If you had three wishes, what would you wish for?

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