In Pursuit of Crazy Eyeris – I’ve Got a Brand New Pair of Roller Skates!

Crazy Eyeris Riedell skates by Elaine Griffin DesignsWhen I was in high school I played the trumpet. Next to me sat Simon. Quiet, slightly shy, so super nice, amazing musician Simon. Simon, who is now a Grammy award-winner. Yeah!
Simon used to listen to his Walkman (who didn’t!) and would share what he was listening to. He introduced me to Melanie. He had an album-to-tape recording, which he happily passed on to me to copy. Classic! Ahhh, the good old days!
I’ve been singing “Brand New Key” around my house since Christmas, when my mother gave me the check to get skates. Ben hates me so much! Although now HE wants a pair of skates too.

Well, guess what Melanie?! I’ve got a brand new pair of roller skates too! And it came with a brand new key!
Let me tell you a little about these babies. They are fast. They are heavy. They are totally fucking AWESOME! When I brought them home I immediately put them on and started, well, I’m not going to go as far as to say I was rolling. I was more like balancing around. But within a few minutes I was wishing I had a little more runway than the ten feet across my kitchen floor. By the time I took them off, I felt more awkward out of them than I did in them. An amazing sign that I’m on the right path.
I think I might be in love. In love with leather and aluminum, silently working those muscles I didn’t even know I had.
And with that soreness, I’m totally pumped and motivated. Because that physical soreness is easing an emotional soreness that has been festering for too long.
I have to admit, though, behind all of this excitement I’m still really scared. Scared of not being able to skate well. Scared of not having any skillz at all. Scared of getting hurt. But part of why I want to write this series is to face these fears and meet this challenge helmet to helmet.
I need a battle cry.
Do you have a battle cry? A motto or affirmation you say to yourself when you are met with a challenge?


  1. says

    Laine, I’m gonna lend you the Monaghan motto:
    “Felis demulcta mitis” – the usual translation is “Gentle in peace, fearless in war.”

    The motto is actually an Irish proverb which literally translated means “the soothed cat is gentle.”

    I prefer the usual translation! :) It’s fiercer.

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