Holiday Gift Guide for Bloggers

Holiday Gift Guide for BloggersAre you wondering what to get the blogger in your life? Here is my top ten list of practical gifts that any blogger would appreciate.

Stock Images

Unless you are a photographer or food blogger, one thing bloggers almost universally struggle with getting great images without completely breaking the bank. A subscription to a photo service is a great way to help your blogger step up their blogging game. Try out Deposit Photos, iStockPhoto, and Shutterstock to get started.

Photoshop Elements

Of course sometimes we need to make adjustments to our photos or add text overlays. Maybe your blogger is a budding photographer. Photoshop Elements is just the right amount of photo editing software to get started, and at $99 is just the right price.

PicMonkey Subscription

In my opinion, even better than Photoshop is PicMonkey. This online editing tool makes photo editing, and producing graphics of all kinds a cinch. And, at $33 a year, it’s a much cheaper alternative.

A Year of Web Hosting

All I have to say is my hosting is expiring this month, and if someone wanted to pay for it, I would jump for joy!

Upgrades to Pro Accounts and Private Forums

One thing I know I hate spending money on is upgrading to pro accounts and private forums. They are just little expenses that seem to add up to large expenses. Perhaps your blogger has an account to their favorite web service or private forum that they would like upgraded to pro for enhanced features and materials? Maybe they would like to listen to ad-free Pandora. There are tons of subscription services bloggers use, so be sure to ask your blogger about their favorites.

Access to Their Favorite Conference

This one can get a little tricky because conferences are so costly. Fortunately there a few things you can do to help your blogger get conference ready. From purchasing passes to airfare and hotel accommodations. Points work too! Do you have some frequent flyer miles or hotel points burning a hole in your pocket? Donate them!

Electronics and Technology

This category covers the complete budget range. Think jump drives, headphones, iPods, eReaders and iPads, cameras, printers, etc. If you want to give a larger item but can’t afford it, a gift card toward the purchase is a great option.

Snacks and Beverages

I hear a lot of bloggers talking about their favorite beverages. Many of us work long nights or early mornings, and are balancing our families and meeting their needs first. A gift basket of their favorite snacks and beverages would be a most welcome gift, I am sure. I personally love gift baskets because I love themes and the possibilities are endless. Relaxation baskets could include wine, cheese, and chocolate or tea, healthy soup mixes, and whole grain crackers. Late night and early morning workers might various coffees, teas, or hot cocoa. You get the idea.

Books, eCourses, or Consulting Sessions

How many of us wouldn’t want to better our blogging or product/service with some courses, books, or consulting sessions? I know I would. Of course one thing to remember is you can provide the service, but not the time. A great (and free) ad-on might be some babysitting, cooking, or cleaning to ease the load and really give the opportunity for your favorite blogger to learn and grow.

Web Design Services

Lets face it, getting a custom website or blog can be pricey. Is your blogger ready for a new design? Check to see if they have a designer in mind, and whether or not they offer gift certificates. Even if they don’t officially offer them, they might be willing to.

What is on your list this year?

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