Gotta Have that Funk?

I’m in a funk.

When did this happen? When I took a vacation. And didn’t work, or blog, or be on the computer at all, really. Which is wonderful, but I got out of a groove, and into a funk, and not of the George Clinton variety. And now I have all of these things to say, but I don’t know how to say them because I have funk-brain.

Aside from having to leave the beach – which is where I belong – and come back to the harsh reality of jobs and home-ownership in a place where I don’t want to be, a couple of things are contributing to my funkiness.

1. I had to leave my parents behind, which never, ever gets easier. In fact, leaving and facing the reality that we are not together more than a couple of times a year gets sadder and sadder with every visit.

2. I lost my steady income due to cutbacks. Without warning, and a day after coming back from vacation and draining the bank account so we could fill our house with groceries. At least we have food, though.

3. My computer is in the shop – again. This time to properly install programs that were not installed properly when it was in the shop the last time, and also to switch out faulty parts. This is fine, except I have projects that have now been neglected since the end of April. Neglected projects = unhappy clients, at a time when I really, really, really need happy clients.

Seeing my way through this stinky, hazy funk is not easy. But, I am perpetually positive, even if only because of my fear that the Universe will punish me further if I am not. So here is the good.

1. I got to take a vacation – at the beach, and see my family for the first time in almost a year!

2. We have a decent home, and my husband has a good job, and that is more than a lot of people have, so I should just be happy where I am for now while we plan what to do with the rest of our lives.

3. I lost a job that I hated. Detested. That made me crabby every morning because I had to do it. So now I get to sleep a little later in the morning. Plus, I’ve been working my butt off marketing my business, so I’m in a good position there. Something good will happen – it’s almost my time!

4. Without my computer, I have allowed myself some time to just be. I have been able to rest, reflect, spend time with and enjoy my children, and organize some things that were badly in need of some attention.

5. I was able to pull myself together enough to podcast! I’m very excited about that one.

So, there you have it. The bad and the good. The reasons why I’m in a funk and fairly silent lately, and how that might not be such a bad thing. Today is the last day I’m going to sit around and wallow. I swear.

How do you deal with being in a funk?

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  1. says

    Funk is funked up, Lainie!

    Hope it picks back up for you. I know how you feel having just gone through the BIG move and the now job search process. It’s been grueling and I haven’t had time to blog or read blogs, really.

    So, my thoughts are with you and your family.

    BTW, you need to make the move to the coast some day like we FINALLY did, after the kids are grown, etc. It’s the best, if you love the ocean.

  2. says

    I am sorry about your job… but, it may be a blessing in disguise… giving you more time for your business and allowing you to focus, which is very difficult with a job and a family…

    I know exactly how you feel about leaving your family. My mom doesn’t live in my state and whenever I visit and return home, I cry….

    As for the funk, I try to stay possitive when everything seems to be going wrong because it helps keep me motivated and moving forward. If I allow myself to mope, it is all over… Everything seems hopeless. Hang in there… hugs!

    • Laine says

      Hi Hilary! Yes, I am refusing to believe it is anything other than a blessing in disguise. Onward and upward! And although my computer is not yet back, I am feeling motivated to move forward. Thanks for the love!

  3. Jenn Adams says

    I am all for the funks! If you didn’t have downs then how would you know what an up feels like! Mope, fly that funky flag, wallow…then throw yourself a party for getting out of it and close that chapter. You can do it. Then enjoy the sunshine on the other side…

    • Laine says

      That is a good point, Jenn! Gotta experience the downs to appreciate the ups. The sun was finally shining yesterday (and today too!) and I am feeling much, much better!

  4. says

    OMG, GMTA!! I just took a break from writing this piece about motivation and funk, only to read about you asking how to deal with motivation and funk. I’d tell you all about it but it would be easier for you to just read it :) Probably be up by tonight — lotta editing needed to make it sound coherent, I know about funks too :)

    • Laine says

      I saw that last night when I was scrolling through my phone but was soooo tired, but I read it this morning. Love it – and I posed a question of my own! :)

  5. says

    This is great because the best way to get out of a funk is to list the things you have to be happy about! I should try it sometime…

  6. says

    Ah, the funks. The only reason I am not in one right now is that the sun is shining and my sisters and I have started our one week countdown to our vacation to the beach! When we are old ladies, I can see us having a house at the ocean. Not sure where our husbands will be……the golf course maybe?

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