Eight Hopes and Dreams for Two Kids

It occurred to me around Mother’s Day that I have never really sat down and thought about my hopes and dreams for my kids. Of course, I want the obvious things that we all want for our kids – health, happiness, etc, but I’ve never participated in any deeper reflection, because, frankly, in general, it’s just not what I do. But I am making an effort to more fully enjoy life and appreciate all that I have, which I think requires reflection, so here we go.

1. Most of all, I wish for you both to experience true love. Even if you can’t keep it, although I hope you do, I want to know how it feels to love someone so deeply, you would go to the ends of the Earth for them.

2. I know this sounds really crazy, but I hope that you experience heartbreak, and I know you will. It will come in the form of disapointment at not getting chosen first in gym class. It will come in the form of teen angst when the boy or girl you like doesn’t like you back. It will come in the form of anger when we can’t send you to private college and we make you start at the community college. I promise you will survive, even though you think your chest has been cracked open. You will even be better because of it! And you know I am always going to be here to lend an ear. And probably also unsolicited advice.

3. This is another crazy one, but I hope you experience some struggle. Not the kind that kills your soul and makes you heartless and jaded, but the kind that makes you stronger, and better able to appreciate the beauty and joy that surrounds you. If you work for what you have you will never be sorry.

4. Speaking of beauty and joy, I hope that you truly appreciate the beauty of your life. Find beauty in the mundane, in the quirky, and in the grief. It is how you will get through life and move on.

5. I hope you are able to exhibit self control and the ability to step back and just breath. Enjoy without over-indulging. Make good choices in the face of pressure. Sometimes the most effective thing we can do is nothing.

6. Have the strength to chase your dreams and never give up. Also have the strength to realize sometimes dreams change, and that’s okay. If it’s your dream (not my dream, your grandparents’ dream, or your significant others’ dream) chase it, and help those you love chase their dreams too.

7. Although it is great to have your family and a significant other for support, make sure you have the ability to be self-sufficient. Get an education. Get a job. Don’t depend on other people without some sort of a backup plan. Shit happens, and you need to be prepared to take care of yourself.

8. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks of you. Okay, it does matter what *I* think of you! I think you are great. You were put on this planet, in this time, for a reason. Be kind to yourself so you can fulfill all you were meant to be.

What are your hopes and dreams for your kids?

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  1. says

    I love this. And I have to say I think you nailed all of my dreams for my kids. Live YOUR lives, work hard, love deeply, be thankful for every moment. <3

  2. says

    Awwww, the mother in me just wants to drive to my daughter’s school right now and hug the bejeezus outta her. Lovely post, Lainey, and your mini-mes are ADORABLE!

    • Laine says

      Thanks Megan!! For so long when they are little it’s hard to remember that they are going to be big people someday – it’s kind of scary to think about, actually!

  3. says

    What a great post, and I have to disagree with you calling yourself not “reflective!” Your kids really got lucky in the mom lottery!

    • Laine says

      Well thank you Melanie! Unfortunately it takes me a long time to be so reflective. I have been writing this post since Mother’s Day! 😉

  4. says

    Terrific post! And it pretty much covers the bases. It’s what I have wanted for my children and grandchildren – and for myself, too. And luckily, I feel as if I’ve been able to experience most of what you mentioned.

    • Laine says

      Thank you Jo Anne! I’m glad you have been able to have these experiences – I hope your children and grandchildren have too!
      Thanks for stopping by! :)

  5. says

    Very nice, Lainie!

    I never got around to doing this for my kids at all. With the youngest being 23 now, they know how I feel because I’ve told them, but it would have been nice to have done what you did. Really great, my friend.

    • Laine says

      Thanks MJ! I’m glad you did tell them all of these things. I think part of me was afraid I never would!

  6. says

    I don’t have kids yet, but those are the wishes I had for my sister (who I have helped raise) and I think I’ll likely have very similar ones for my future children.

  7. says

    this is great.. and I think that you are right.. I think that it is important that kids experience struggle. too many never did, and they end up so spoiled…or just not prepared for what life really may bring them…

    • Laine says

      Thanks Michelle! I’m glad you stopped by. I’ve been so busy I haven’t read much. I will stop by soon!

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