How Do I Make My House a Home?


Bedroom (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)

Do you love your house?

I have a love/hate relationship with my house.

I love it because at least we have it. And I hate it because, well, it’s not what I want, or where I want to be.

My husband and I bought this house a few months before we got married. It has three very small bedrooms and one bath. It’s a 1950’s “bungalow.” My husband was in love with the house before we even looked at it. The idea of a bungalow was irresistible to him. Great marketing, right? I was never really that convinced of my love for the house, but I did love the ceiling fan in what was staged as the living room, so I agreed.

It didn’t seem like a big deal to me to not love the house. This was not supposed to be our forever home. We had planned to sell this house before our first child went to kindergarten. But then the economy happened. And the housing crisis, and we have our own financial struggles, so we stay here, in this super cramped house, for fear that we might not qualify for another loan.

Every day our 1950’s bungalow looks more and more like it has been rode hard and put away wet. Sometimes I feel like the house is crumbling around us, and truth be told, I feel embarrassed by it.

There are cracks in a couple of the walls. There are doorknob-sized holes in the walls where doors have been slammed into them. The poor-quality door jams are loose from improper installation, 60 years of wear and tear, and the occasional slam. The paint is chipping. Our bathroom needs a complete overhaul. Our bedrooms are way too small, and we don’t even have a closet in our room. In fact, our entire house has three functional closets. THREE! Our finished basement is wet and moldy. My office is in our dining area. I don’t even want to talk about the appliances. The garage roof leaks and the whole thing just needs to be burned down. For real. I have a hard time keeping up with the gardens, so they like an overgrown wasteland.

I’m not much of a decorator. I have decorations, and pictures, but they are not displayed, because I keep thinking it’s pointless when we need to paint – again, and try to put the house on the market.

How do people make this shit happen, because I feel stuck. I know all of the problems with this house are fixable. But where do we find the time and the money? Do we really want to take care of them, or do we cut our losses and run?

In the meantime, how do I OWN this house, and not feel embarrassed by it? How do I make this house a home?


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Keep Your Sanity while Working at Home with Kids

When I started working from home when it was out of necessity. Money was tight and I was pregnant. Our son was starting part-time pre-school and we needed the funds to pay for it. Getting a job out of the home, aside from nights and weekends, was not an option, as we had one car and no affordable daycare.

But I got lucky, and was offered an opportunity to work at home, and working at home with kids became my reality.

And then I got luckier, and started a business that I run out of my home.

It the American Dream, yo! Except it’s HARD!

home office and dining room

Our dining room triples as a home office AND playroom!
Photo Credit: Fabio Bruna via Compfight cc

I have now been working from home for close to four years. In that time I have worked at home with two VERY different kids. My son, when he actually spent more time here with me, was super cool with the work at home deal. As long as I was here, he didn’t care. Now that he is in school full-time, though, he requires a lot more of my attention when he is at home. I mean, that’s kind of a no-brainer.

My daughter has always been a bit more of a challenge. Although when she was an infant I could just nurse her all day while I worked, that was cool. Let’s just say this. She is a great little one. She will play quietly and happily for a long time, but she wants what she wants when she wants it, and she will employ any means to get it. NOW. This is about the time that I have finished the last task she handed me and have finally settled my brain into work.

So I consider myself an expert at working at home with little kids.

Now, I know there is a lot of information on the internet for work at home parents about how they should manage their time and balance their work and their kids. While it’s valuable information for some, a lot of the tips are a fail for me, as they almost always include such tips “work at night,” and, “work during naptime.” We have no nap time here, unfortunately, and I’m totally not a night person. After a long day of work, kids, and house, I do not want to push myself to work. I want to quiet my brain, get some rest. I much prefer working in the pre-dawn and relishing the potential of the new day. It really sets the tone for me, and I know I’m not alone.
So here you have my five tips for working at home with little kids.

Plan Activities

While I’m not a super activity planner, i.e. I’m probably not planning activities that I have to really be involved in, or actually leave the house for, I do begin the day with a sense of what the kid(s) might want to do. I take into account what they have been playing with recently. Do they seem bored? Do they need a change? What can I prepare for them so they will stay happy and busy longer, and I can get the maximum amount of work done? And those out of the house activities? We do those once a week and on the weekends. It’s plenty for us.

Take Breaks

I will be honest and tell you that I would put my nose to the grindstone and not take a break if I didn’t have to. I would not eat an actual meal, and I would probably forget to feed my children if they didn’t ask for food. Part of this is due to my daughter being a grazer. Sitting down to lunch has never really been her thing. While I think grazing is fine, we both need breaks. I’m not talking just taking scheduled breaks for food. We take spontaneous breaks for cuddles, a quick book or puzzle, or for chasing each other around the house. This saves our sanity and really helps us get through our day peacefully.

Stay Flexible

Speaking of unscheduled breaks, it’s really important to be flexible with your schedule. I used to be a panicky mess if I had to take a break, or even worse, if there was something wrong that needed my attention and pulled me away from clients or work. Part of this is understandable when you are building a business or working on freelance projects. You have to get your work done or you don’t get paid. I finally came to understand that this makes working at home so we can be with our kids pointless. To top it off, nine times out of ten, your client, boss, or whoever is going to understand. Everyone takes a sick day once in a while, whether you have kids or not. The work will still be there, and it’s not going to throw it all totally off. The moral? Build in some wiggle room, don’t schedule every single second of every single day, and don’t panic when the unexpected happens.


Most of my business can be conducted through email, but there are times when I really do need to speak or Skype with clients and potential clients, and I need to reduce the interruptions. This is when I break out the special snacks. I give whatever I have that they haven’t had in a while and really want. And I give a lot of it in order to maximize the time I have. Please take note: these special snacks don’t have to be unhealthy! While my daughter has enjoyed her share of chocolate chips so I can get some quiet, she also loves things like dried fruit, which we don’t always have.
Client call time is also when I flip on the TV. Don’t shoot the messenger, this shit is real, and you have to be prepared! Chocolate chips and Max and Ruby in exchange for quiet never killed anyone.

Don’t Be Afraid of Mess

Obviously, the things that are messy are going to keep kids busy the longest. I used to avoid the mess because I felt like it took too long to clean up, but I was really shooting myself in the foot. So, now we go for the gold. Paint, cutting pieces of paper and spreading them everywhere, Play-Doh, it’s all a go. Although I have put my foot down about Moon Sand. That shit’s just a cruel joke.


If you have a school-aged child or children, be ready when they get home! One of the hardest lessons I have had to learn, and honestly one I am still working on, is being ready to just be mom when my son gets home from school. Honestly, I’m still working on it. Some days, I just can’t turn off. Those days are hell, though. A lot of running around screaming, nagging for candy or other treats, and just general lack of respect and humanity! So, my goal is to give myself 15 to 30 minutes before he gets home to shut my brain off, pick up around the house, prepare a snack, and be ready to welcome him home with open heart and arms. Because, isn’t he the reason I decided to stay home in the first place?

Do you have tips for managing work, either inside or outside the home, and family?

It’s 2013 and I Have Only One Goal

Swooshable Planning

Swooshable Planning (Photo credit: Bohman)

Usually at the start of the New Year I have been planning and plotting my goals, and am super amped to start the New Year off right. We all know how that goes for most people. I wouldn’t say I fizzle, really. I always keep my eye on the prize. But things never work out exactly as planned, and unfortunately I’m pretty unrealistic about how much one person can accomplish in any given amount of time.

For some reason, this year, I didn’t even give my goals a single thought. Maybe it was because I was trying to live in the moment with my children and family. Maybe it’s because I’m so fucking tired of plotting and planning. Worrying and…worrying. I just don’t have it in me to be amped. All I have is enough for me to moving forward. Cautiously optimistic.

Like many bloggers, I really wanted to write about all of the fabulous goals I have for myself. I have pondered what I would say in this post for several days, and basically I had come up with nothing until I sat down to write it. I was going to write about how I have no goals!

But that is not completely true. Of course I have goals, but nothing I want to really write about. None of them have any deep meaning. They are not particularly life changing. They are just regular old career, family, and healthy living goals. Boring.

As I began thinking through having no exciting goals to write about, and as I thought over my brainstorming process in the last week it became very clear that my number one goal should be to just keep moving forward. Keep a positive attitude. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Keep swinging at all the shit that is thrown my way. Dig out from the trenches when I get buried. Move forward. Onward. Upward.

It was a trifecta of signs that  helped lead me to my goal. First of all, on New Year’s Day, I think on Headline News, they had some ‘expert’ talking about how you should identify only a couple of goals for the New Year, and those goals should be taken at most a week at a time. They should also include some room for setbacks. I think this is so obvious that it’s one of those things that needs to be spelled out for people. We are so hard on ourselves. We don’t give ourselves any breathing room to make mistakes, learn, grow.

The second sign was from a vlog post by Audra Silva where she describes her one word goal for the New Year: Intention. While I could relate to her goal to live with intention as a way to accomplish goals rather than abandoning them, what really struck me was the simplicity of having one word to describe how you would like to live your life. One word, one goal, to live with intention.

The last sign was yesterday, and the one that after some thought really lead me to identify moving forward as my number one goal, came from my friend Jenn in response to a post on Facebook. I had posted “I’m still trying to decide what my 2013 goals are. What are yours?” The conversation went like this:

Jenn: “I have always been terrible with goals. Or planning my future. I kind of just take it as it comes and if I want something to happen I just make it happen. Usually semi-spontaneously. Good luck with yours!”

Me: “I think that is why I’m having a hard time. I just need to keep trucking along!”

Jenn: “Some people do not need goals to get/do what they want. Don’t beat yourself up over it.”

And you know, she is totally right. Not just about goals, but the fact that I didn’t even realize I was beating myself up over it. I was stressing over not being able to identify unrealistic goals. How lame.

The afterthought of all of this comes from the Jason Mraz song, “I’m Yours.” I’m brought back to this song a lot in my life, for a lot of reasons, but in this case it’s the line, “Open up your plans, and damn, you’re free!”

As a planner and plotter who gets bogged down in the ‘what-if’s’ and ‘what’s next’s’ this is something that had not come easily, but hopefully in 2013 I will be able to open up my plans and keep moving forward.

Enjoy the video – I hope it gives you the positive, warm-fuzzy feelings it gives me!

Do you make New Year’s resolutions or set goals, or do you just leave it to life to decide for you?

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Printable Planning Tools!

Oh my gosh you guys I totally skipped NaBloPoMo yesterday. I got so caught up in my constant quest for organization and football that it skipped my mind. BUT, the good news is I have some new printables that I’m super stoked about! And so I’m more organized today than I was yesterday. Word.
If you want some, you can click on the images below to bring up the PDF. Some are for those of us trying to balance work and home in one place, and are interchangeable. Yay!

They Look Like This:

Spring Theme Personal and business all-in-one printable planning sheet from Elaine Griffin Designsblue printable planning sheet from Elaine Griffin Designs

If you would like more color options, just click here to go to the new Printable Planning and Organizing page!

Top Five This Week: Mom Fail, Back To School, Organizing, Pinterest, and Sh*t My Kid Says

Mom Fail

So, this one time, I was a hot mess and thought school started a day before it actually did. I got Ben all excited for school (he’s not a huge fan), we had the night before jitters, and the next day I realized it was not, in fact, the first day of school.

Back to School

Need I say more?! School started!!!! I miss my little buddy when he’s at school, but holy hell is it easier to work with only one kid in the house.


You know I love it, and I know you do too. I have a system for almost everything now. I even recycled papers the boy brought home from school! AND, I have 14, yes, 14 new 2-pocket folders that I have categorized with all the different things I’ve got going on in my life. It might seem crazy to you, but I feel so.much.better.


I love Pinterest. LOVE IT! I find it so inspirational. But let’s face it, it’s really easy to get a complex looking at all these things to do with your kids, your home, your hair. It goes on and on! So if you have not read You Are the Pinterest Perfect Real Mom by finding joy n BlogHer , do it now! And then go make your own Real Mom’s board on Pinterest. I did – let’s start a revolution!

Sh*t My Kid Says

I swear, it must be so bizarre to live in the boy’s head. I know it’s bizarre to live out of his head. One of my favorite gems from this week went a little something like this. He is on the couch, just randomly screaming into a pillow. I lovingly say, “dude, WHAT is your problem?” He says, “Who, me? I’m EXOTIC!!!” Yes, son, yes you are!

What were the highlights of your week? Enjoy your Sunday!

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How to Get Organized: A Review of

Disclaimer: I was compensated by AboutOne to review their online organizer. All opinions and text are my own.

Image representing AboutOne as depicted in Cru...

Image via CrunchBase

As my family grows and we all get busier, I find it increasingly harder to stay organized. As head honcho and CEO of my family AND my business, it sometimes feels impossible to stay on top of all the meetings, appointments, papers, and endless tasks. Lacking the space for any kind of physical family organization center, I’ve begun thinking about abandoning my dreams of meticulously organized binders and color-coded file cabinets, and trading it for a really cool online organizing tool.

Fortunately, I have discovered

What is

AboutOne is an online organizing tool where you can store and share your important business or family information, documents, photos, contacts, and more. Here’s the breakdown:

  • All of your family members can be added to one account and given access to information pertinent to them.
  • AboutOne makes it easy to enter and store information about major life events. They have set up default categories such as memories, health, education, community service, career, and documents. For each event, you can create a title, a date it happened, a description, and you can upload an attachment, such as a scanned document or a photo. Nice!
  • AboutOne is a great place to store all of your personal and professional contacts. Contacts can be entered manually and also imported from Facebook, Google, or a CSV file. Contacts can be organized into contact groups, and you can even specify which contacts are your emergency contacts.
  • Important information like receipts, manuals, and warranties that come with my major purchases are can be entered and stored in the possessions section. This is awesome for me. No more hunting around my overstuffed, unorganized file cabinet!
  • Coming soon to AboutOne is the calendar, a useful tool for any busy family!
  • No online organizer would be complete without a mobile app.  Currently AboutOne has an app for Android and Windows, with the iPhone app coming soon! I have yet to download the app, but it’s on my “to-do” list today, and I can’t wait to play with it, as I can see  myself really taking advantage of this feature.

The REALLY Important information: Security, Back-Up, and Pricing

Obviously security is of the utmost importance when choosing an online organizing tool. takes this very seriously and takes pride in their bank-level security. This means your information is never shared and is backed up and encrypted regularly. AboutOne uses McAfee Secure, VeriSign 2046-bit SLL encryption, and TRUSTe EU-US Safe Harbor.

AboutOne offers three different packages to suit your organizing needs. Each package offers a variety of features, but this is the gist:

  • The Essentials package is the free package. You can use up to one GB of data, and enter data for up to six family members. In addition, you can make up to 1,000 entries. Unfortunately the family calendar is not included in this package.
  • The Premium package is $5 per month. Included is up to 20 GB of data storage, and up to ten family member entries. You may make up to 3,000 entries with this package, and the family calendar is included.
  • The Premium Plus package is $10 per month, and includes 60 GB of data storage. With this package you may enter up to 20 family members, and you may make unlimited entries. The family calendar is also included in this package.

I don’t like to spend money on anything, and I can really see using this amazing online organizer. $10 per month seems like a small price to pay to know that all my photos, contacts, and important documents are safe, secure, and will never be lost (by me!).

Do you need an online family organizer? Check out!



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Music Festivals and Kids: A Guide

Happiness Parade at Grassroots

Grassroots Festival Happiness Parade!!

Does the thought of music festivals and kids give you hives?

Festival season is in full swing, and as I prepare to take my family to the 21st Annual Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance, which I do every year, I’m feeling a little like a pro at this. I mean, we are leaving in a few hours, and not only am I still working, but I haven’t even started packing. Of course I have made a list, but a seasoned festival goer like myself can put this all off at the last minute. So naturally I decided to put this off a little longer and share with my loyal friends and readers the guidelines of taking kids to festivals. Note: this list is for families who are NOT camping on festival grounds, but are going from off-site camping or driving in from somewhere else every day. Camping on grounds is a whole other list!

What to Bring

Ear protection of some kind, if your kids will keep them on. Which mine don’t, so we just try to stay back from the stages.

Sunscreen, and lots of it! I always have extra because not only do you not know how much you or a friend will need, but there is always at least one parent who has forgotten their sunscreen, and they really appreciate it when you non-judgmentally ask them if they need some. I mean, who hasn’t forgotten an essential once in a while!?

Plenty to drink. Not only water, but make sure your kids have something special to drink. Perhaps something you wouldn’t always buy them. It will make them feel special, and it will save you on the $5 a cup fresh-squeezed lemonade.

Snacks. But only enough for the day, and only what you KNOW your kids will eat.  Again with the money saving (and see my what to expect below). And I will reiterate: buy things that are healthy but are treats for your kids.

Squirt bottles. They are fun for kids! And they keep them nice and cool. Be prepared though, to set some rules, while also letting go a little and not caring about getting a little wet.

Glow Stix. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, kids love ‘em. And there WILL be people there selling way overpriced glow stix. Save yourself the hassle and stop at the dollar store and grab a few packs. You will thank yourself later when you are super mom and you bust ‘em out.

Clothes that you don’t mind them getting super dirty in and then sleeping in. Save yourself the hassle of carrying around a lot of clothes. Grab one light, and extra set for real emergencies. Unless you are very particular about your kids being dirty at a festival, believe me, no one else cares if your kid is dirty. We all are.  As for sleeping, let them sleep in their clothes – they will love it! Bring a sweatshirt and a very light blanket (think an oversize swaddling blanket) for when it gets cold at night and call it good.

A stroller or a wagon. While the amount of crap you have to carry around does decrease as your kids get older, you still have to carry crap. This is why I insist on my stroller. I can hang our cooler bag from the back, put our bag of extra clothes and a blanket for sitting on in the bottom, and we are good! Plus, I have a place to put a sleepy/hungry/rampaging around kid when I or they need a break.

A survival kit. Probably the one totally essential element to this whole deal. Of course this kit should include sunscreen and diapers if you need them. It should also include:

  • Wipes for messy cleanup
  • A first aid kit so you don’t have to walk to the first aid tent for a little boo-boo
  • Medication – for adults and children
  • Paper towels – these are great for obvious cleanup but also just in case there is no toilet paper in the porta-potty
  • Hand sanitizer and sani-wipes
  • Plastic bag – for dirty diapers, clothes, garbage, anything!

What to Expect

Things will not go as planned. It will be fun, yes, but stressful (as it usually is for mom). So keep these guidelines in mind, and I promise they will help you enjoy your festival.

Plan to eat one meal a day on the festival grounds. I used to pre-make a lot of food, as we would stay close to the festival grounds at a house where we could use the refrigerator. That is no longer the case, so I’m having to adapt. Also, my kids want to eat festival food, so it works out. What it boils down to is this. I spent more money making sure we had good food than when I budget for everyone to have one meal they really want at the festival. We eat a good breakfast and pack hearty snacks for lunch. Then we scour the festival for what we really want to eat. It’s less stressful, more adventurous, and everyone is happy.

Your kids will want to do more running around and playing in the kids area than you want to. If you have a spouse/partner with you, take a look at the schedule and see what music you each want to see, and make a plan for who is with the kids and when. Of course there will be a lot of time all together, but sometimes everyone will have something else in mind. Everyone really needs to give and take in order for everyone to have a good time.

Regardless of the full sun forecast you see before you leave, it will rain. No, it won’t. It will POUR. Have a plan for shelter wherever you go on the festival site, and plan to meet in a more central location when the storm has passed. Also, all those diapers and extra clothes in your bag? Pack them in large ziplock bags. Also, having a plastic poncho or something you can throw over your stroller isn’t a bad idea either. You won’t be sorry.

Expect to lose things. It will happen, especially if it is meaningful, so leave it at home or in the car.

Everyone will be super tired and grumpy by the end. But you will have had a blast and it will have been worth it!

Do you take your kids to music festivals? What is on your “must have” list? If you don’t go to festivals with your kids, would you ever consider it?


Organization: As Elusive as Balance

I have said it before, and I will say it again.  In many ways, I feel like I’m an organized disaster. I’m organized, but it feels like never all the way. And I really WANT to be organized. All the way. I dream about it. I drool over it. I crave it.

Which is why I’m ALWAYS organizing.

The problem is as soon as I get organized and get into a flow, things change. So my rockin’ planner I got this past summer is no longer doing the job. And I’m moving from upstairs-dining room-playroom-“office” to downstairs-playroom-“office” carrying the following items:

  • my laptop
  • a planner that has so many plans and changes of plans that is is totally unreadable
  • a binder filled with…labeled dividers and paper
  • a sizable stack of papers


Included in the stack of papers are:

  • daily and weekly schedules and to-do lists
  • blog post ideas, research, and notes
  • notes on client projects
  • school calendars
  • I don’t even know what else


How the hell does this happen? I have all the tools to be organized! I mean, come on, office supplies are one of my top inspirations in life!

But shit happened, and I am suddenly not inspired by my tools. Namely, my planner. And frankly, it does not encompass what I need.

I’ve spent many hours pondering. Analyzing how I try to keep myself organized. Identifying the weakest links. Hypothesizing about what I need to improve.

And then I figured that I just needed to design my own organizational tools. Because who knows what I need better than me, right?

printable blog planning tools by Elaine Griffin Designs

Yay for customized planning!

So here they are! A general monthly calendar, a weekly calendar, an editorial calendar, a one-year plan sheet for my business, and a blog post planning tool. These paired with my already-started binder and my other new-ish office supplies and I’m feeling pretty good! Except I actually have to fill them out now, and ruin all of their beauty. Baby steps, people, baby steps!

Now I have to tackle my non-office space. I’m shooting for a nook or a secretary, or something for some sort of a home base! (My “office”) is currently located in our basement laundry room. *sigh*

Elaine Griffin Designs on Pinterest

I found this on Pinterest and I need it!

How do you stay organized? Do you ever feel like you are in an organizational-rut?

SOC Sunday: Fate, Organization, and Inspiration

Ahhh, the house is finally reasonably clean. Laundry is spinning and tumbling. We are fed, and each doing our own thing.

I was going to work this weekend, but I just can’t bring myself to live like that anymore. I have created my own fate – by working my ass off – early mornings, weekends, and what have you. This has been a crazy week, and things I’ve been working for are now starting to come to fruition. Now that opportunity is knocking at my door I just feel like I deserve to give more of myself to my family and well, myself!

So my goal for myself on the weekends is to spend quality time, and also stay (or get) organized. It really makes such a difference during the week.

I’ve been pretty inspired lately to keep organized. I have to say I’ve been inspired by Pinterest. (Follow me!) Man, now that I’ve gotten into it I can see how it’s kind of a little like crack for some (me). I’ve also been inspired to start my creativity journal, which I have been wanting to start for literally two years. I think I’ll document the progress on the blog, so stay tuned!

So I am off for now, but it is a three day weekend, so this is really more like Saturday, right? So tomorrow I will organize for the week. No school. EEEK!!!

This was my Stream of Consciousness post, hosted by All.Things.Fadra. Go on over there and explore!

A Year of Living the Life I have Imagined

Women and Work, from the Library of Congress

Women and Work

Have you tried to come up with 101 things you would want to do in a year? Holy crap, that’s alotta things! I tried it and I couldn’t do it, so this is my version of 101 in 365. As I said earlier in the week, I wanted to tie 101 in 365 in with 12 goals for 12 months. So here we go, general goals and monthly goals.

General Goals:
Exercise/diet/lose at least 25 pounds
Derby of course!
Pay off debt
Buy a new car
Read books
Make more cheese
Eat more locally
More quality time with kids
More quality time with husband
Lose at least 25 pounds
Launch a new online local goods directory (I have a partner in this one, and I’m not sure what month this will happen, but I’m super stoked!)

Monthly Goals:
By the end of January – Really establish the work/life routine. I’m almost there!
February – Marketing and advertising the business. I also want to start my creativity journal. Oh yeah, and ROLLER DERBY!
March – Start building blog templates and photo car templates.
April – Learn a little about photography and how to use my camera. We also need to organize all the toys and crap in the garage.
May – Plant a container garden. Get rid of crap in my house!
June – Have business really be taking off so I have enough money to hire a mother’s helper/cleaning person! I SO NEED THIS TO HAPPEN BEFORE SUMMER BREAK!
July – Finally create a cookbook with Ben.
August – Fix the inside door jams and paint the bathroom, kitchen, and trim (and cupboards if my husband will let me!).
September – Harvest and preserve! Settle into the new school routine – with ease this ear!
October – Settle into the cool weather with my Cricut and start paper crafting. Open an Etsy shop for paper crafts, blog templates and photo card templates.
November – Launch a local community blog.
December – Enjoy the season and prepare to start giving local and online blogging workshops and critiques.

Of course there are many, many fine details to accomplishing all of this. To be worked out later, I guess. Maybe that is where the 101 things comes in?

That’s not too much, right? I’m such a good planner! I hope I don’t EPIC FAIL on the execution! I better get crackin’ – no one is going to do live this life for me!

What’s on your big project list for the year?