The Best Mother’s Day Gift: My Children

Best Mother's Day Gift My Children

Yesterday was my son’s  7th birthday. Seven years ago, one week before Mother’s Day, he made me a mother. Four years later, one week after Mother’s Day, I became a mother again. This time, to a daughter. I was gifted with two amazing little people. There are some ways that bringing my babies into the {… Continue Reading …}

Christmas Tree Magic

cutting down the Chrismas tree

Some of my fondest childhood memories are of getting a Christmas tree. The funny thing is even thought I am approximately eight and twelve years older than my sisters, I don’t really remember getting a tree before they were born. Kids make Christmas fun! We always cut our own trees. There was ALWAYS snow, so {… Continue Reading …}

Election Day Traditions

I voted sticker

Do you have any election day traditions? Depending on what area of the country you live in, there may be different community gatherings to celebrate such an exciting day. Perhaps you go to a pancake breakfast. Maybe you go to a spaghetti dinner. President Obama plays basketball in Chicago. Candidate Romney…well, I don’t know, he {… Continue Reading …}

There’s Always Something That Needs Painting!

There is Always Something that Needs Painting

I am super excited to have my mom as a guest poster! She is wonderful, and I’m a very lucky lady. She is a student of life, wearing many hats – as many women do. Never idle, she spends her spare time sewing, knitting, reading, writing, and painting. She is also a newbie blogger herself, {… Continue Reading …}

Little Old Ladies

Little Old Ladies

Little Old Ladies. Who used to meet their friends for coffee at Woolworth’s. Who would wrap their restaurant leftovers in napkins and put them in their purse. Who used their caring insightfulness to help guide us through our troubles. Who we named our babies after. Remember them? I do. I’ve been struck, lately, by this {… Continue Reading …}

Summer is Best of All


I am pleased to present my second guest poster, Regi Carpenter. Regi is a kind and amazing women, mother to many, teacher, and friend. She travels the world to tell her stories, how amazing is that?! I met “Miss Regi” when she was my son’s preschool teacher, and we have all been very blessed to {… Continue Reading …}

The Armpit of Winter

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I not so lovingly refer to February as the armpit of winter. I don’t know why I call it this. I guess it’s because  once in a while it seems all warm and fresh and then all of a sudden it’s unkempt – cold and smelly.  I know, it doesn’t really make a lot of {… Continue Reading …}

My Grandparents: From Two Different Worlds

Stan Springer coaching Sunny Jurgensen and the Washington Redskins

My grandmother was one of the most amazing human beings ever. She was my protector, my grounding force, my moral compass, my confidant, my teacher. My best friend. Here she is in her senior photo. I don’t remember too much about my grandfather. He died from malignant melanoma when I was five. I do remember {… Continue Reading …}

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Football and Family


I try to plan my Sunday’s around watching football, eating, and drinking. And everyone here hates me for it. I feel like this is something I’ve been doing my entire life. But when I look back at my childhood, I don’t really remember doing this often. The only time I really remember watching football is {… Continue Reading …}

Crazy Eyeris – why I want to be a roller derby roller

That’s my Derby alter-ego. If I make the team. I’m trying out next year. Going to train and soak in as much Derby as I can in the meantime. I am beyond excited. Scared. Overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with the support that my family has shown. I thought it was something I would want to do, but {… Continue Reading …}