Meal Plan Monday, December 2nd

meal plan december 2

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Wow, what a week! I hope all of you who celebrate Thanksgiving and Hanukkah did or are enjoying your holidays! We are still getting through our leftovers (YUM!). Here is our menu plan for this week. We are going classic Meatless Monday and Taco Tuesday…and making the most of the […]

Holiday Cocktail 2: Hot Spiked Apple Cider

hot spiked apple cider the laine list 2

I love this recipe. It’s simple, easy to make ahead and keep warm in the crock pot, and it’s PERFECT for cold Winter days! Make this without the alcohol and add that on a per-drink basis so it is kid friendly! The Ingredients 1 gallon of cider 1 package of mulling mix sliced apples 2 […]

Holiday Cocktail: Orange Cranberry Mist

Orange Cranberry Mist Holiday Cocktail The Laine List

This delicious cocktail is a little on the sweet side, and a lot on the be careful how much you drink because it sneaks up on you! Be sure to chill all ingredients beforehand! The Ingredients 1 oz orange flavored vodka 1 oz triple sec 2 oz Cranberry Sierra Mist Limes Oranges Frozen cranberries Ice […]

Good Eats with Kids: A New Food Blog (Plus a Meal Plan)

meal plan november 18

Ben and I have been cooking together since he was just a wee babe. It is something we have always enjoyed doing together, and while he is not always open to trying healthy foods, he has a terrific sense of flavors and how they should work together to taste delicious! We have been working on […]

4 Tips for Quick and Healthy Weeknight Cooking

4 Tips for Quick and Healthy Weeknight Cooking The Laine List

In the Fall and Winter my family thrives on soups, sandwiches, and quesadillas. It’s easy, healthy, and my kids love them. (As do I!) While I do make a fair amount of crock pot meals, this is really our go-to way to eat dinner on the weeknights. Some of you may think this is boring […]