I’m Getting Divorced, and Learning I Have Value

I am Getting Divorced and Learning My Value The Laine List

In a matter of days the papers will be delivered to my mailbox. I will be divorced. My husband and I have been together for 17 years. Half of my life. My entire adult life. I’m not sad about the divorce. I’m sad that I feel like I missed out on so much of my life. That I spent so much time feeling like I had nothing to offer. That I had no value. I thought I had a pretty good idea of who I was and what I wanted out of life when I was 18 and we began dating. Let’s be real, people. … {CONTINUE READING...}


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Versatile Creamy Avocado and Jalapeño Sauce

Versatile Creamy Avocado Jalapeno Sauce Featured Image

Last week I was craving, CRAVING something creamy and spicy with crispy melted extra sharp cheddar cheese. For days. So finally I thought it would be great to put my new gluten free tortillas (really good by the way) to good use and make a creamy enchilada casserole for dinner. The issue is I don’t like red enchilada sauce, only green. The other issue? Not a single store in my town carries green enchilada sauce or any of the ingredients used to make it. What’s a girl to do? Grab a jar of … {CONTINUE READING...}

Greek Yogurt Ranch Dip (Blue Cheese Optional)

Greek Yogurt Ranch Dip Elaine Griffin Featured Image

I use Greek yogurt in a lot of recipes. Smoothies, salads that require a creamy dressing, smoothies, and I've been working on a banana bread recipe, just to name a few. Like many people, I also use it as a sour cream substitute to top quesadillas and baked potatoes, or really anything requiring sour cream. One of my favorite, and I think most versatile ways to use Greek yogurt is as a substitute for sour cream in ranch dip/dressing. What I love about this recipe is it can be adapted to make a … {CONTINUE READING...}

Crock Pot Meals Reloaded: Chicken Fajitas


Like many people, I'm totally into crock pot meals now that the cold weather has arrived. It's so nice to know that at the end of the day, you have a warm, and hopefully healthy meal to settle down to. When I cook in my crock pot, I tend to cook in large batches, using simple and budget-friendly ingredients. I freeze leftovers for another time, sometimes for a straight up leftover meal, say, if it is something like soup or chili. One thing I've been experimenting with is making a dish that is … {CONTINUE READING...}


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5 WordPress Plugins for Increased User Functionality

5 WordPress Plugins for Increased User Functionality

Plugins are a great way to ease in the design of a WordPress website, and they also increase a site's functionality. Some plugins can help our clients when our job is done. While we designers should not render ourselves obsolete, I do feel like it is our responsibility to give clients increased functionality, and the confidence to harness it themselves. The five following plugins do just that. 5 WordPress Plugins for Increased User Functionality Black Studio TinyMCE Widget I’ve … {CONTINUE READING...}

7 Questions to Ask a Prospective Design Client

Prospective Client Questionnaire

When I am approached about logo and/or web design services, one of the first things I do is send the prospective design client a questionnaire, whether or not I've been hired yet. These seven questions help me get to know prospective clients better—which makes my job easier, and allows me to give each client the best design possible. My questionnaire is a mix of design and marketing questions that will encourage potential clients to think not only about what kind of design they want, but also … {CONTINUE READING...}

Top 7 WordPress Plugins for New Bloggers


There is no doubt that plugins are a great way to boost WordPress functionality and versatility. They are also a great way to help clients learn to use their site effectively, and to help them increase their visibility and grow their community. Here are my top seven WordPress plugins to get any client who is new to blogging started with a bang. WordPress SEO, by Joost de Valk This is the famous SEO plugin by Yoast, and it is a must for new bloggers. It is a great way to help your clients … {CONTINUE READING...}